Memorial Day Weekend Done Right

Wow! What a weekend! It's weekend like this one that reminds me how blessed I truly am. 

Friday: I worked a bit. Cleaned up some and made a grocery list for all these things I had planned to make this weekend. Sister and I were heading to the gym to add another day to my 10 day gym challenge with the hubby. Ever since Thursday - I have managed to PR my 2 miles under 30 minutes each day. Extremely proud of myself. This HIIT workout is really paying off now let's hope the scale starts to reflect. 

Sister did buy me some memorial day flowers. That are in full bloom now and smelling amazing. 

I even manged to make some homemade spicy mustard. Recipe to come

Saturday: We decided to spend the day at home. Sister and I managed to clean out the fridge and freezer in the house.

That night some friends came over, made some healthy buffalo chicken enchiladas, land sharks and we played cards against humanity. 

 Hubby sleeping with his first daughter Liberty. We slept in until 10 am and it felt amazing. I couldn't of asked for a better day to sleep in. After sleeping in, the sister and I managed to get dressed and hit the gym. 

We came home and it was off to get ready to go run some errands. Since Sunday marked day 9 out of my 10 days to get some new shoes we checkout the mall. Sadly there were no shoes I had to have. Anyone recommend any good running shoes? I am really loving this cardio stuff. The shoes I currently have under armour doesn't make them anymore.

Monday: It was just as if it was another week sup I wasn't at the preschool dealing with screaming kiddos and sister made it to the gym with me. 

I PR'd my 2 miles on the treadmill by almost 2 minutes. I really need to get over my fear and just run a mile to see where I am at. My goal is to run a mile under 10 minutes. 

Of course I had to show my American Pride at the gym. Thanks to Blessons Apparel for the awesome tank. First time wearing them to the gym and I can't wait to wear the others now too. Little Miss 'Merica

When we got home after we talked ourselves out of going to the mall. The hubby came in saying we had a visitor. 

Than we did some BBQ and got ready for a short week. 

And just because the hubby likes to take selfies with my camera... 

Happy Tuesday! 


  1. Sounds like a great weekend, love Alex's selfie haha.

  2. I like Brooks or Asics running shoes! But my (non professional) opinion is that you should go to a running store and ask them to fit you for a pair. They will watch you walk/run and recommend a shoe that is best for your feet. I have never been steered wrong with this technique!

  3. Ew, no. This girl would have gotten the hell out of dodge if we'd have found that thing at our house!!!!

  4. Sounds like a super fun weekend - I'm glad you guys had a great time.

    I find selfies on my phone all the time of my husband..crazy guys! haha

    -Ashlee Michelle

  5. Haha! His selfie is hilarious!! I would have passed out if I saw that snake!! Sneakers are so hard to find since I'm not a Nike person. I usually go with new balances at Kohls.