Life Changing Steps

Tuesday is upon us..

I had this grand plan to post about my April goals and set May goals but to be honest I didn't achieve my April goals. Not even close to what I had set out for myself. 

I am not even disappointed in myself either for failing April goals. I made some big changes. I am setting a new routine for myself and I am using May as my stepping stone. 

With this disclaimer I am setting a few goals for the last few weeks of May to hopefully stick with and implement into my life. 

May Goals

1. Food plan: I bought a new planner (on sale at target) to write down all my food. I am going to research and stalk Liz on her food planning skills.

2. Workout: I am going to focus on 30 minutes of cardio a day + hopefully get in touch with a personal trainer. I want to start weight training 3 days a week. Once again I will be stalking Liz for her tips & ideas. [as you see Liz has some awesome post about getting healthy & setting goals]

3. Work: I want work to be less stressful for me. I am going to try to work harder so it's actually less stress for me instead of screwing around on the computer during work hours. This means I need to step up 4-5 hours on work days to just devote to work. 

4. Water: No more soda. No more anything else besides water and green tea. I might drink an ICE drink every now and than but I am shooting for 100oz a day. 

5. Date with Hubby: I want one date in the next 2 weeks with the hubby. Now that my sister lives with us it is much easier to plan these. I am wanting to see The Fault in Your Stars but I need to finish reading the book first.

There you have it. Some simple yet life changing goals for May. Now off to work on goal #3. 

Hope you have a fabulous Tuesday!         


  1. So glad I'm not the only one whom stalks Liz. haha Seriously though, not only is she a genius when it comes to healthy eating and working out plans...She is just a doll. So sweet.

    I believe in you and your goals. Go girl! :)

    Happy Tuesday.

    -Ashlee Michelle

  2. I think these are some great goals that you set!! I am the same way about #3...oopsy.

    Love Liz!!! She is certainly a go to for getting on the right track for sure.

    I started weight training last month and am loving it!!! I hate cardio and get bored easily with it...but weight training keeps me excited! I do it at home, but a personal trainer would probably yield better results.

  3. Those are all attainable goals! I have a large water bottle and I added raspberries and fresh ginger and it made it so much easier to drink a lot of it.

  4. Number 5 is something that I decided last night that we need to do more often. There was a time when we would do at least 3 date nights a month, but lately we just haven't been. In all honesty I have felt really disconnected from the hubby lately. I feel like all we do is work, come home and eat dinner then he starts watching sports and I either grab a book and read or go in the bedroom and watch TV, then we go to bed. We really need some time together!!