How Do I Lose A Pair Of Yoga Pants?

Dear Friday, I would love you so much more if I didn't have to go to work. It really puts a tamper on my mood when I have to go in. Dear Yoga Pants, I know we are in this relationship & you really didn't want to spend time with me this morning but that is rude to just go and hide. Please come back. Dear weekend, please be good to me. I want to enjoy cinco de drinko. Go by slow too as I want to enjoy my sleep even though we have lots to do. Dear Weight loss, we are going to reunite and never break up. That is my game plan. Glad you agree to this also. Dear Cy, I hope we can make this month our month to shine. We got this. I am so happy to hear you love your job too. Dear Cali, you are such a sweetheart. I feel so bad that I have to crate you again today since I have said work. Dear Heat, please go away. I am not ready for summer. Dear Alex, Can we please have a date? I would really love it. I know you tried last weekend with the shopping but we need to find something else besides shopping. Maybe the zoo or wild animal park? i love you. ps. I am extremely proud of you on your new job orders. Dear Readers, Thank you for all the sweet comments on the post this past week. I hope I wrote everyone back. Have an amazing weekend as you deserve it! 

Happy Friday Everyone! 


  1. Looks like everything is going good! Hope you have a great weekend and get out for a date night.

  2. The title of this post cracks me up because I was on the phone with my Momma yesterday and out of no where she's like "I lost my favorite pair of black yoga pants.. how does that happen!? I've looked everywhere!" lol -- Happy Friday :-)

  3. I lose my yoga pants ALL. THE. TIME. and so I think it's time to give up yoga pants! Which is dreadful for me to even think about. okay, I always end up finding them or buying more. haha

    I am so happy it's friday too - we are going bowling with some friends and then tomorrow is our Hotel/Beach Date night which was a wedding present to us. YAY! Buttt I'm working today. Been up since 6am with no coffee. I'm dying!

    Happy Friday, Jessica!

    -Ashlee Michelle

  4. Safari Park! But wait to go after memorial day weekend when the tiger exhibit re-opens!

  5. I lost one of Beckett's brand new outfits (that he only wore once). It's DRIVING ME NUTS!

  6. Yoga pants are the worst to lose, because when you want to wear them, NOTHING else will suffice.