Dear Friday, You are the first day this week I am actually planning on staying home and getting my shit done. I actually kind of excited to get it all done to relax this weekend. Dear Nutritionist, I am excited for this new journey. You seem very passionate about your services and the help you will give us. I know you mentioned we are young, but it's better to learn now and apply it than later in life. Dear Weightloss, we will be in a relationship again. I believe in you and everyone has told me that we can lose this 35 pounds by October. Now is the time to start! Dear Cy, I am so glad you love your job & thank you for always helping me out. Dear Cali, there is no need for your to bark all the time. I am not sure what you are talking too but sometimes it hurts my head to hear it for hours. Please stop the talking so much. Dear Cruise, we are about 160 days away. I can't believe how fast you are coming up on us. Dear bank account, this month has been rough and we are only 9 days in to the no shopping. So far though I am holding out strong even though I did find some things I want. I hope to rebuild you in the future as I pay things off. Dear Alex, I am bummed you have to work this weekend but it's okay. You won't be missing out on much besides cleaning the house. I love you. Dear Readers, Thank you for all the sweet comments this week. I hope I answered everyone back. Make sure to check out my awesome sponsors too for this month. They are all amazing. Also, don't forget to enter Fitness Blondie giveaway for quest bars. {or don't enter so I can win them all} I can't say enough good things about quest bars. They are so yummy!! 


  1. I feel you on that bank account. I need to get my butt back in gear. Need to budget.

  2. I hear ya on the bank account. Daycare is KILLING US!!! Thankfully, Josh takes his national registry tests next week so he should be 100% done with school after next week and we can go to part time!

  3. Glad the nutritionist is enthusiastic! You can do the no shopping.