High Five Friday: Fitness Stuff

 Happy Friday Ya'll! 

I realized my weeks are pretty much the same thing week after week and nobody cares that I work at a preschool with 15-18 screaming 2-3 years each day + work from home. I don't even wear real clothes anymore it seems. Therefore, this week high five is fitness related. Considering that is been my focus. 

Let me just say I have been killing my goal of hitting up the gym 10 times for some new kicks! Monday was back the grind after missing Friday for Dad's birthday and last Wednesday for fireday.

What have I been doing? 30 minutes of HIIT on the treadmill. 8% incline 1 minute run on 4.0mph and walk on 2.5mph for 1 minute all throughout the 30 minutes. Lately though I have been upping my 4.0 to 4.3 and I am thinking of upping my rest to 3.0

Monday it was hard but I managed to make it. 
 Tuesday: My babies were spoiled. All they do is sleep. Just wouldn't be a post without them right? 

 My sister joined me in the fun on Tuesday. She's doing great. 

Wednesday:  Let me take a moment to brag about Lorna Jane. I order stuff Tuesday afternoon around 2pm and it was at my house by Wednesday. I ordered 2 pair of leggings and 2 sport bras and because I spent over $250 I got another sport bra for free.

I have not found a single thing I don't like about Lorna Jane. The sport bras are amazing. The girls literally stay in place while running. The leggings aren't see through and they are so comfy I am thinking of replacing some of my jolt leggings with some Lorna Jane ones. Also, she comes out with a seasonal magazine. She puts out great recipes. Just everything about her is amazing. 

Thursday: I did it! I reached 2 miles on the treadmill under 32 minutes while doing HIIT. I was very impressed with myself. I told the hubby I would do it and I kept my word. I am just 3 days away from my new kicks. 

I forgot to take a picture in the gym..but this was in the car after we left.

Today I am working to finish up some things to reach my goals. I will be hitting up the gym to hopefully hit another 2 miles than it will start memorial day weekend. Nothing is planned besides cleaning the house, so we will see what happens. 

Hope you all have a great memorial day weekend! 


  1. UM... I love you, but how damn expensive is that place for you to buy 2 leggings and sports bras and it be over $250?! Good grief! they're cute though. Also, I am so proud of you for doing so damn well on your workouts. You told me you wanted to get back to it and you're back with a vengeance! Are you still working closely with the trainer? Also, I saw you have a FitBit on Instagram. Do you like Polar more? What is the difference between them? I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love my Polar and my FitBit! They are the best! HIIT on the treadmill is so hard go you!! Stopping by from the link up! Have a happy weekend! xo

  3. Yeah for hitting your goals and sticking to your workouts!!

  4. I think a may spoil myself with some gym clothes...those are so freaking cute. My birthday is next month so I just may buy myself a gift! hehe.

    Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

    -Ashlee Michelle

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