Happy Tuesday

Last week was crazy. It threw off our normal weekly stuff. I am happy to announce most of the fire stuff is under control now. We are back to a "normal" week. 

I believe most of the fires are 100% contained as of today if not, they are extremely close to being 100%. I heard on the news this morning they have some suspects in custody. Two of which were going to face a judge this morning. That is all I've heard about that. San Diego is now on the recovery process of this all. 

With that said, Today I am making it a productive day. I have lots of things to get done. I've already made it to the gym and now it's time to get focus! Grind time.  

Please keep the prayers coming though as we begin to rebuild.
Happy Tuesday! 

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  1. Glad everything is under control hope the rest of the week finds you more balanced!