Alex Answers The Questions

I am loving that it is already Wednesday of this week and we are almost to the weekend again. Anyone else with me on this? 

Today I am linking up with Kelly and Cheltee for this awesome monthly post. The special treat though is the hubby actually answered these questions and I just made it a fun post. To be honest, guys just don't know how to write blog post! 

1. What first attracted you to your wife?
Her face! and her butt What a typical guy answer right?? 

The night we met 

2. After a long day, what does your wife do to help you relax/remind you she loves you? She listens to me complain about work I guess if I have to listen or shall I say I am there physically while he talks but I am problem thinking of 100000000 other things such as what's for dinner? What I need to do before bed? 

3. What is your favorite thing to do with your wife? I like to watch weird stuff on tv.I think what he means by weight stuff on tv, The ID channel. We love it. 

4. What is something your wife does or doesn't do that you want more of? Say nice things to me I believe he wants more compliments. His love language is words of affirmation. 

5. If you could compare your love story to any book or movie, what would it be and why? "We bought a Zoo" because we live in a zoo with so many animals but life wouldn't be the same without them

6. Where would you go if you could have another honeymoon? Bora Bora He doesn't have to worry about if we had another honeymoon. I already have told myself, I will be going to Bora Bora before I am 30. 

How could you not want to visit this beautiful paradise?

There you have it. The simple answers from a guy when asked to answer questions for the blog. This is why I love him. 

Happy Hump Day Ya'll! 


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  2. I love that his answers were simple! I was worried my husband would be the only one, haha. I'm really excited to look over the language of love thing. Our friends were telling me about it the other day.

  3. Sooo glad my man isn't the only one who said butt (or bum in his words) as the answer to the first question - we bagged charmers, lol :) great answers x

  4. This is so cute! You 2 are an adorable couple!

  5. Haha! Great answers! We bought a zoo is the best answer! Sign me up for Bora Bora!

  6. Take me to Bora Bora with you!!!!

  7. Ugh! Bora Bora has such stunning views. I have to visit ASAP as well :)

    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix

  8. I need my BFF fix please... new post...