Motivation At It's Finest

Here we are May First. I can't believe it! I am bringing my A game this month to seriously get this workout and weight loss journey under control. 

Liz wrote about the hard part of the journey and I started to think what do I do when my journey gets hard? I immediately went to, I read quotes. I find inspiration to keep moving forward. This is brought the idea of why don't I share some of my favorite quotes with you. 

I love all these quotes and I have tons more. I have this weird thing where I save them, write them down, and or can just remember them when times get tough. Remember, we are all a lot stronger than we think! 

Happy Thursday! 


  1. I love Liz and I love You! Both of your posts have inspired me...and I actually started a 30 day challenge today. (2 of them actually, I combined them) I am hoping to continue my journey and get in shape before June 18th (my birthday)...so I can have an excuse to buy a cute birthday dress..hopefully in a smaller size! haha

    Thanks for the Inspiration!

    -Ashlee Michelle

  2. I do love a good motivational quote! I have some around my house that I incorporate into my decor for a good reminder.