We Need Some Prayers

Most of you know I live in San Diego area (North San Diego). Typically it is a very calm place to live. Not much changes, our weather is pretty much the same all year long. Sunny and beautiful! This is why so many people want to live in San Diego, beaches, sun, palm trees and swimsuits. 


Yesterday was a bit different. May 14th once again will go down in history of San Diego. It was a reminder of October 2003 and 2007. Both of which I remember as if it were yesterday. I remember packing up my favorite belongings, packing up the animals and finding a safe place to live for a few days before I was allowed to return home. The sky was dark, the wind was howling and it was hot for days. I remember having so many unanswered questions. Homes being lost and not sure if it was mine or not.  

May 14th was very similar to this. So many little towns are in flames. I am watching San Diego just burn to pieces. Families are watching their entire lives just vanish. So many firefighters are risking their lives to help others. Animals are being released to find a safe place. Schools are being closed across the county. My little world is being shaken to it's core once again. 

San Diego has made history for 10+ fires in one single day burning at once.  

Today our weather is suppose to remain hot and windy. By hot, I mean 100+ degrees at the beaches to inland. The high wind warning was extended through tonight. 

I am asking all of you to say a quick little prayer for all the families affected by this news. It is very devastating watching the news. The last I heard, 30+ home have burned down. We watched one on the news and the owner did not have insurance. This just breaks my heart. My college (Cal State San Marcos) is in threat of burning down (it's finals week). So much is happening and so many families are being evacuated. I pray everyone is safe and healthy. I pray homes are saved and people will be allowed to return with their animals. A big hug goes out to the men and women fighting these fires, working these long hours/shifts, and all the other reinforcement we have been getting from all the surrounding cities and keeping San Diego Safe. 

view from my house

May 14,2014 you will always be remembered. 


  1. So scary & sad!! I'll def pray!

  2. My husband's cousin & his family were evacuated yesterday. I haven't heard from anyone if they've been able to to home yet, but last night when Dennis talked to him he said that everything around their apartment complex was gone and it looked like it was going to take their complex too. Stay safe!! We've got a place here in WA if you need it ;-)

  3. I'm glad that you guys are doing okay! I can see smoke from my house today which is not a good thing. These fires are getting out of control. Our poor San Diego is taking a beating!

    Let me know if you guys need anything, you're a little closer then I am right now! You guys can always come hang down here if you need too...we live by the beach so of course that's a good place to be!!

    -Ashlee Michelle