Dear The Current Me

Dear The Current Me,

This idea just kinda came to me one day to write to you. You've been writing this blog now for sometime, almost three years here and there. Every now and than you get bored and read old post. Just to check back on what life used to be like and the fun adventures you were on during those moments. 

I am not saying you are currently not happy with your self image or your life but it seems like lately all your post is about losing weight and getting in shape for the next vacation and the what if's. You have lots of vacations planned throughout the next couple of months and you are turning 25 this year. These are all big things to look forward to and plan. 

Just this year, we are five months into the 2014 year, and you've had a goal to lose weight. You have written countless post about this and you make it a monthly goal each month. Yet, here we are still not losing the weight you promised yourself. What are you doing to try to lose weight? You try try try yet you give up. You need to remember to trust the process. You need to stick it out and just do it. I promise you will only become happier again to fit back into those white skinny jeans that still have tags on them from years ago. That dress that is hanging in the closest that is from before you meeting your husband wants to be worn too. 

Now with the weight loss talk over, Your life is always a constant one shot away from a hot mess. This is not like you at all. You like your house in order, plans made, details sorted, and a game plan. If game plan fails you always seem to have plan B. Lately though, that hasn't been you. You are barely hanging on by the edge and it seems to really stress you out. 

All I am asking the current you to do is take a step back. Look at your life. What do you want? Do you want to lose weight than dedicate your time to that instead to others. Do you want to go to the movies, that go! Do you want to finish reading that book, than read even if someone asks you to do something. You miss those taco Tuesday nights, ask the girlfriends to go out with you.  You don't want to write this again in a year. I give you one year to find that happiness again that used to give you that sparkle in your eye and embrace life. In one year, I want the current you writing to the future you. 

Love Always,
The Current You Waiting For The Change In You


  1. Hope you find that change you need. I can be stressful to feel like you aren't moving forward and i think in those times it is great to really look inside and see what is holding you back and make the changes needed. Good luck!

  2. Aw! I hope you find that spark again..I believe you can, I think we all can. And we've all had these moments!!!

    Smile Girl, It's almost the weekend.

    - Ashlee Michelle