I Would Never

I was going to do a So What Wednesday post but just wasn't feeling it, but that's okay because I thought it would be perfect to copy my friend Tiffany over at Simply Tiki for a post she named, I Would NeverWithout any further waiting.. I bring you mine,

 I Would Never

-Drive a mini van [this was on Tiffany's list too]. There is just something about that sliding door that gives me the hibby jibbies. There is not enough kids in the world for me to drive one or any other reason to own it. We did manage to buy an Acadia though as my mom car. 

-Not have animals in my house. I love all my animals. Everyone says it's like a zoo but it just wouldn't be my home without all of them. 

-Get married again. Sounds crazy right? But I am serious if for some forsaken reason Alex & I don't work out [which i am hoping we do] I would never get married again. No worries, Alex & I are still happily married. 

-Live any where there is snow. Pass on that shoveling thing and having to worry about my car. Also, that black ice idea just scares me.  

-Speaking of snow, let's cross off anywhere there is tornadoes I won't be living either. I will stick to my earthquakes which are over in a blink of an eye.

-Go back to high school. I hated high school. End of story. 

Last, same with Tiffany's, I would Never Smoke. The smell gets to me and the idea of it just jerks me the wrong way. Plus all the money I would be wasting on that instead of shopping. 

What is something you would never do?


  1. I can't stand smoke smell either. I hear you on the snow issue. It is so not fun to shovel!

  2. Jess high school was hell for me!!! I wouldn't go back either. And I am with you on the marriage!!! I felt married in my last relationship and it was exxxxxxxxxxxxxxxhausting haha.

  3. I feel like I had the best time in high school, but looking back...I was treated so bad by my main group of friends. Thankfully I had other great friends and teammates so I wasn't totally brought down by that lame group.

    Agreed on smoking. I grew up with my mom being a heavy smoker and the smell gave me nasty migraines. I did smoke for like 2 weeks a couple of years ago because I found pink cigarettes once and I was obsessed, but thankfully it didn't stick!

    And word on a minivan. I could never! I'd much rather drive an SUV over a minivan!

  4. I would never drive a mini van, smoke, go back to high school or not have animals in my house either!

    I love in tornado alley here in the southeast and I am about damn tired of it!

  5. You are seriously a woman after my own heart. I would never do any of the same things on your list. haha..Ok actually, I would live where it snows. Thats it though. LOL

    - Ashlee Michelle

  6. This is a fun post idea!

    Snow + black ice + tornados ...

    you're never moving to Iowa :).