Today Is Your Day To Shine

Dear Alex, Thank you for being so amazing. I love the notes on the mirror even though we don't organize them and we have to hunt around to find the one for the day. Hopefully you have a relaxing weekend after all the hard work at work. Always remember I love you to the moon and back plus around the world. Dear Cy, We got this over the next 95 days. We just need to stick it through and watch the changes happen not to mention save some money for your big day! Dear Bandit, I am so happy that you are okay and I am getting you medicine to hopefully help you. I am sorry that I didn't do it sooner. I feel like such a horrible mommy to you. I hope you know I love you to pieces and you will always be my baby. Dear Self, I know you are stressing out with how much stuff is on your to do list but just take it one thing at a time. You will get there I promise. It just might take a few monsters and some help but things will get crossed off and you will continue to add new things. Just breathe! Dear Weekend, please give me the time and strength to do what I need to do. Dear Workouts, I love you power lifting & IIFYM but I really wish the scale would move. I guess it's time to move around some numbers until I start dropping weight again. Bring it on! Also, I need to write up my workout plans for at home. Dear Readers, Sorry I left ya hanging yesterday. I really thought I would have time to write up a post before everything went crazy but apparently not. Please don't kill me. 

Happy Weekend ya'll! 

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