Love Weekend

I am one lucky lady this weekend. The husband had a 4 day weekend which means lots of time together and lots of getting things done off the to do list. 

Friday I worked a bit. Than we left to do some errands that needed to get done. We returned his v-day gift and got him what he really wanted and we exchanged v-day cards early. Husband is so funny he forgot to write in my card. We went and had lunch at Chik Fila. Lastly, finally got to see American Sniper.

Saturday I did some more work at home while Husband and E-man went to baseball. My sister is so thoughtful and got us a present. She knows how much I love my sticky notes and bows. 


Later in the day, the FedEx guy dropped off these beautiful flowers and chocolates. (he also happened to drop off my sister's from her fiance) 

We had planned on pork chops, cauliflower fried rice and broccoli but hubby wasn't feeling it. Than sister took E-man on a date so we decided to order a pizza and wings & things. I was disappointed in the thin crest from Papa John's. 

Hubby got home with a surprise for me. A pandora princess crown to add to my bracelet. 

Sunday: Sister and I went got our nails done. First time I have gone since December. Went to the mall with my aunt and hubby met us down there since we both forgot our phones and went grocery shopping for the week. 

Happy Monday ya'll! Hope you have the day off and had an even better Valentine's day weekend!

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