Hello February

Wow! Hello February... When did you decide to show up so fast? Oh probably for all those people living in the snowy states. I wish it would rain a bit more here in San Diego - We need it so bad. 

Do ya'll set goals for the month? I am going to set a few that I think are attainable. 

*Keep up with the C25K program. 
*Track all food 
*Organize my desk (even if this means throwing papers out) 
*Go on two date nights 
*Hike at least twice 
*Continue to budget and save money 
*#debtfree2015 continues 
*Swap at least 2 buttons 
*plan and schedule post more 
*drink at least 3 liters of water a day 
*stay on top of work for less stress 

I think that is enough for the month of February. What do you have for yourself this month?

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  1. Drinking more water is such a good goal...it makes you feel so good!