Better Late Than Never

Better late than never right?
I seem to be a slacker when it comes to this blog. I like to write my blog but sadly it is the first thing I kick to the curb when real life starts to happen.


Like Friday for instance, I planned a post in my head all night than when I woke up I just didn't bother to turn on my computer. I am not even sure what we did but it wasn't much considering we were in bed early. 

Saturday we took the little fur child to get brushed out. Thank you to Petco for charging me "Large/giant" for my baby girl. She is 40lbs and no where near large or giant size dog but whatever.  Next time she goes back I will make sure to not get the same lady minus the fact she was rude. After we dropped her off we went grocery shopping at Trader Joes, Costco, Stater Bros, GNC, and than Vons. 

Lunches for the high carb days : Mex to Go

 Once we were home we had plans to go see American Sniper but instead I ended up in the kitchen ALL night cooking up foods for this week. 

I did start Week 2 of C25K - make sure to follow along

Sunday we lounged around the house than headed to my aunts for a super bowl party. 

Overall the weekend was the weekend and they seem to go by way too fast for me.   

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