Why You Need A Food Scale

I am not sure why blogger is being a pain in the ass but it has been all week. Anyone else having problems with it?

Now that rant is over, let's get back to today's post.

 I think I am going to try to make Thursdays my "workout" day on the blog. It might include a recipe, ideas and or what I have been doing.

 Today it's all about WHY you should weigh your food instead of using measuring cups. I think this is very important and every house should have a food scale.

When I first started trying to count my macros, I would just use my measuring cups. I figured if it said 1/2 cup (40g) is a single serving than I would eat a 1/2 cup and not have to worry. I was very wrong

In America, our biggest downfall is that we LOVE to eat and eat A LOT. We tend to eat more than one serving at a time which turns into why so many people are over weight not to mention how easy fast food is and how horrible it is for you. Save my fast food rant for another day.

To get started on weighing out your food -

First thing: Buy yourself a food scale ! They are not that expensive and will come in handy for lots of things.  

Next: Learn to read the food label where it tells you the serving size. Look for serving size in grams not in cups. 

Last: Log it in My fitness pal or whatever app you use to track your food. Notice how much you used to over eat of everything.

example: My oatmeal says 1/2 cup (40g) is a single serving. Approx. 13 servings in a container. 

I measured out my half cup. Before food scale, that is what I would of ate for my oatmeal. Notice too that this half cup isn't even over the edge of the measuring cup.

Next I weighed my 1/2 cup serving. Remember when you go to weigh your food, place the container you are weighing it in on the food scale than zero it out. (Notice mine has a bowl on it and says 0g)

I placed the 1/2 cup of oats in the bowl and it weighed out to 44g. That is an extra 4g a day and now multiply that by 5. I would be eating an extra half serving by the end of the week that I have not accounted for in my fitness pal . No wonder the scale won't budge for me. 

So instead I just pour out my oatmeal in the zero out bowl until I reach 40g and just skip the 1/2 cup measuring all together to know that I am getting my correct serving size and I am accounting for everything I eat in my fitness pal

Counting macros is becoming easier and easier but I am still very new to it and learning how to make adjustments. 

Remember to get yourself a food scale! 

Happy Thursday ya'll! 

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  1. I should really look into this. I wanna make sure I'm eating a good portion but not so much.