Weekend Shindigs

Hey ya'll! Can you believe it's already Tuesday? The last Tuesday in January 2015, I know I missed Monday but that just shows how busy I truly have been.

Friday: I made this bomb buffalo chicken in the crock pot for dinner/ to eat throughout the weekend. Otherwise, it was just a quiet Friday night as usual. We went to bed kind of early because we had a big day planned for Saturday. 

Saturday: We woke up semi-early. We made breakfast (protein pancakes) and head off to go hiking. Come back tomorrow for more pictures. 

A man & his daughter.. they have a bond like no other!

After our hike we came home laid around, did some chores and I tried to go shopping at Victoria secret but they were really rude so my sister and I just left. 

Sunday: We did our usual grocery shopping in the morning. Than my sister ordered this zoodle maker last week and we love it. 

and than after, I decided to start the C25K app challenge. I have 8 weeks until my 5K run so here is to me hoping to run it. 

over all it was a good weekend! 

How was your weekend?

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