I Love Long Weekends

 Well hello after 3 day weekend, anyone else get the president day off? I actually didn't get it off but none of my kids showed up for school yesterday so I was sent home early! 

and as always, I forget to take tons of weekend pictures so here is what I got for ya. 

Friday: The house was sick so we laid real low. I think we were all in bed by 8pm and asleep by 9. Aren't we just a lovely bunch? 

Saturday: We got up and went grocery shopping for the week than my cousin is in town from up north so we headed off to meet up with them. It was a fun night out besides we lost my favorite purple jacket.  

Sunday: We went on an adventure to Costco & hubby got the new fitbit charge. I had this bright idea to print a new preschool curriculum. Well almost $200 later we have it printed but I need the work sheets printed now. Than I meal prepped my dinners and it was off to start the week. 

Monday: I was up at 4am as usual to do my cardio and something about this song. 

I attempted a new breakfast but it was a big fat fail. So maybe next time I won't do the cocoa in it. and yes for the record, I pretty much weigh all my food out. 

Overall the weekend was good. Nothing too crazy but good. 

How was your weekend?


  1. Getting up at 4am for cardio! You are motivated there is no way I could do that! I would love to get my work outs done in the morning but there is no way I would be functioning after!

  2. 1. We didn't have yesterday off, but it was nice that everyone THOUGHT we were off, so we weren't very busy.
    2. 4am for cardio!?! Ugh, lol. You go girl.
    3. That breakfast looks.... um, not so delicious, lol.

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