Party Time Friday

We made it to Friday ya'll! Another week in the books and another week down for 2015.. 

Did you do everything you could do to reach your goals for 2015?

I tried. I think I will try harder next week. This week was the preview and I know now how it works and it's time to get serious. With all that said, here's to Friday Five! 

1. I would LOVE for someone to buy me this shirt. I would like a size small please.

2. I was talking to E man this week and I asked him if he wants a marriage like his dad's and mine. His response, "yes but not right now" He was too cute not to just wanna squeeze him. I am happy to know we are being a good role model of a marriage for him

3. Hubster and I are thinking of ordering some of these bands. They are great shoulder warm ups and such. Anyone else them? 

4. Nothing says a good week without a Gym selfie! Also, I happened to be at the bank on this day and was asked for my phone number. I instantly thought, BOOM I STILL GOT IT! I politely told the man I was married but on my way to the gym so I don't wear my ring. #sorrynotsorry #Ilovemyhusband 

5. Isn't this the truth? I have been trying to stay focus all week and so far it's paying off so let's hope I can keep it up.

Week 2: I am extremely thankful for communication. Yes with my husband as it has improved tremendously but with my entire family. My mom is always there to chat with, my sister always has an ear, my dad always has some type of advice and my brother seems to answer the phone when I need him unless he's still drunk from the night before. 

Have a fun & safe weekend ya'll !

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  1. Happy Monday! Is that shirt from my pebee forevee? I think I've seen that print from her before. I love all her shirts. She's really fun!