Hi Ho Hi Ho Off To Hike We Go

Remember when I said the hubby wanted to go hiking EVERY Sunday in 2015? 

I am here to admit we have YET to do a single hike this year. We have been sick but that doesn't mean we couldn't go, we just chose to sleep instead. I love my sleep. Well this weekend we decided to do it on Saturday (let's hope we go). 

Now back up to the weekend before New Years and we found this beautiful hike right by our house. We were able to take the dogs too, well two of six dogs. 

Look how beautiful that view is. That road way out in the distance is the freeway. 

Our first stop on the hike and we managed to play with the Go Pro (Hubby's Christmas present)

Of course you gotta test the go pro with the kissy pictures. We really need to learn to use the remote instead of the phone. 

We sure do know how to use that selfie stick though.

Of course I gotta make sure my babies get enough water. We've manged to get both dogs to drink like this out of my camelbak but we do bring a bowl too for them. 

Another picture with the selfie stick. Can never have enough couple pictures right?

And then the hike was over (well after 2 hours hiking), walking back down to the car at the end of the hike. 

Cali is the Husky and Trigger is the dobi/rott mix

Hopefully next week I'll have pictures from our hike this coming weekend too.
Happy Hump Day ya'll! 


  1. I love hiking I can't wait for it to get a little bit warmer here so my fiance and I can go hiking! I am hoping to start hiking again in March!