Just Keep Hiking: Cedar Creek

Saturday we got up semi-early. Made a bomb protein pack pancakes and headed out the door with the fur babies to go on this hike.

When we got there, there was a sign that you had to pay $6 for a permit to hike down to the "waterfall." The hike round trip was just under 6 miles, 3 miles down to the "fall" and 3 miles back to the car. 

Beware, picture overload!

In the car on our way to go hiking.
Notice Cali really excited for the car ride

A man & his daughter bond!

The babies walking together

About half way there. Once you come down the hill it opens up to this beautiful path. The sun was shinning bright and the green grass. It was the perfect picture moment.

Ms. Cali loved exploring

and of course we had to take the mushy pictures

We continued our hike and finally came to the "waterfall." Since California is in a drought, there was NO waterfall but the lake it falls into was nasty so we didn't let the dogs in either. 

The "waterfall"

We spent about 20 minutes at the waterfall/lake and headed back. 

After the hike back to the car. 

The babies were passed out.


  1. Look at you guys! Very cool you got out there. Looked like a really awesome and beautiful day. I got in a short hike last weekend with my son. First time I had hiked in........Um, I can't remember how long!

  2. you guys are the cutest! glad I found your blog!