That Time I Went On An Adventure

Hiking...it's like the new black.

Husband's new adventure for us is hiking. He calls it our thing. We are working on building a stronger marriage for 2015. We made simple plans to go out every weekend and explore San Diego. 

The first stop, Potato Chip Rock

It's beautiful. I expected it to be kinda easy but I was wrong. The terrain is rocky and at some points almost straight up.  

Than when you think you can't push any further, you reach the potato chip rock. (honestly, I have no idea why it's called that) It such a great feeling of accomplishment and something we did together.

Now the thing is, they say it's a hike to this rock. They fail to mention that you will need to climb a rock, stand in a line and jump over to this potato chip rock. Before all that, you need to ask a random stranger to take your pictures. 

After you take your picture, you must figure out how you will get down. I slide down the giant rock and run up the little hill. 

After all that, you must hike back down to your car. than BAM you completed your hike, in our case. It was our FIRST hike together. 

I am glad we did this together. I really do look forward to our sundays of hiking with the two of us. It's our quality time together. It took us about 2 hours to get up to the rock and about 45 minutes to get down (yes I realize it was because I am a turtle)

What do you and your special someone do together to build your relationship? 

Happy Tuesday! 


  1. That is so much fun! My fiance and I just did a major hike this past October in North Carolina and we hiked 22.26 miles all in one day for a fundraiser! I had never liked hiking but I would totally do it for a great cause!

  2. haha I love this!! What a fun adventure though!! I want to do more hiking this year!!

  3. Awesome! Hiking is a funny thing for me...in my brain, I think I love it...but when I'm out there, climbing at an incline, I kinda truly hate it! But then, when I'm at the top, I love it again :) It's a love hate relationship I guess!

  4. Chris and I LOVE hiking together! We actually love to do it as a family! I can't wait until we move back to Ga in a few months and we can do it all year long!