Friday Writings

Dear Friday, I can honestly say I am surprised to see you already. I am NOT complaining but you sure did show up quickly this week. I don't think I reached all my goals I set out for myself but that is OK, we have the weekend. Dear FT7, I gave you the benefit of the doubt earlier this week when you stopped working for me but after today I really think you are broken forever. It makes me sad because we had a good run but I guess it's time to move on. Dear Hubby, I know you are extremely busy at work and it is draining but you are working so hard for us. Thank you. You are amazing and I am extremely blessed to call you my husband every day. I love you more. Dear Cy, So proud of you for sticking to your diet. You are doing amazing and can't wait to watch what it will do for you. Dear Work, You are NOT fun anymore. You are not what I want to do. I try to find everything else to do (like blogging) instead of you, but I guess it's time to buckle down and just do it.  Dear Self, it's time to get to it and stay on track. You can do this. You've proven to yourself over and over again that you are way stronger than you think. Dear Readers, Thank you for the sweet comments. I hope I responded to everyone. 

Have a wonderful weekend! You deserve it! 

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  1. Happy weekend to you!! I think this Friday got here quickly too and I am not complaining....sooo excited to not have to get up to an alarm for the next two days!!