Oh What A Weekend

Hello Monday, I am kinda glad to see you. I am excited to start a new week and bring on the future. 
I feel like this week will be a HUGE milestone for me.  I got my numbers and a meal plan from my trainer yesterday and I got right into it. Let the process begin! You can follow along in that journey here 

Anyways, the weekend was the weekend. They always go so fast. Friday we went down to my aunts for dinner and it was jonny-boy's last day with us. Otherwise it was a quiet night.  

Saturday was errand day. We went to costco and sprouts. I woke up around 3:30 in the morning super sick so it was a relaxing day for me. I had a wild idea to make carna asada lettuce wraps again for dinner. I love them. 

Saturday night I decided it was enough. Enough of not doing anything about my situation. So I am determine to make this year my year to shine and reach my goals. There is no stopping me now!

 So I was awake until 1am Sunday morning thinking and for some crazy reason I was up at 5am so what better thing to do than get on that tread climber I have been putting off. 

I did my 15 minutes as my trainer says to do on an empty stomach. Than I did some squats with my kettle bell, kettle bell swings (sets of 20), and I am working on planking. 3 planks: 2 for 30 seconds and 1 for 45 seconds. My goal is a 3 minute plank.

Than I went to get a massage with my sister and my aunt. After it was meal prep time. I made jasmine rice, broccoli and turkey.  

Told ya it was a fun weekend... Always remember when things don't go as planned, Keep your faith. There is a reason! 


How was your weekend?

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