Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone

Some days I just want to open this blog and start typing what my heart feels... I always feel the urge to write a catch phase but the truth be told, I suck at them

So today I am just going to write what my heart feels besides this cold I caught this week that has me coughing and sneezing everywhere. 

In the past two years I've had this goal to get in shape. I never really did too much about it besides write it on here, well I went to the gym but I never examined my life thoroughly to change it to reach this goal. Well that all changed over the weekend. 

I am not sure exactly what flipped in my brain but it did. It could of been a conversation with someone who I cherish a lot, spoke some things that I never wanted to hear, but I am going to take it as a blessing in disguise and keep moving forward.

I was awake Sunday morning at 5am working out. I am using my fitness pal again. By this, I mean I am not shoveling things in my mouth that I am not tracking. Everything I have eaten since Sunday has been tracked in there. I gave up my Dr. Pepper addiction cold turkey. I am drinking a gallon of water everyday and eating clean 90% of the day I believe. Also, I am using my facebook page a ton to help hold the accountability and support. 

As far as my workouts go, I am still seeing my trainer 2 days a week and I just got my new numbers with some meal plan of "ideal days" that I am going to try to do next week. I am also using our tread climber a few days a week, planking and doing some kettle bell work. 

Let's see where this will take me in my goal

Through this last week and mainly the last few days I learned you are you're own worst enemy. The only person you can compare yourself too is the person who you used to be. There is no reason to compare yourself to anyone else because you will NEVER be them. Find the motivation you need and JUST DO IT!  

What is a goal you've been trying to achieve but just can't find what you need to push forward?


  1. Good luck! I am working on getting in shape as well!

  2. So awesome! You've soo got this!

  3. just found your blog and so appreciate this! keep up the hard work because you're right...that time is going to pass anyways!