What A Beautiful Weekend

Wow Hello Monday! 

This week is going to go fast as I only work 2 days this week and I have some big weekend plans. The stress though has kicked in as I am writing this at 4:15am and I can't seem to sleep anymore. 

But if we back up a few days, I can say the weekend was good. 

Friday: I honestly can't really remember what I did. I did run some errands during the day, made my own version of chiptole burrito bowl and probably went to bed at a decent hour (8pm)

Thanks to my BFF, I tried out the Blackberry Mojito tea from starbucks. I loved it but I was in my fitness pal trying to find the calorie count and I can only find the one that says 130 calories and a bunch of sugar lemonade one.. anyone can help with this? 

Saturday: I cleaned up the house. Got ready. My cousin had a baby shower. She is due in about 3 weeks if not sooner. Another boy will join the family. Than it was off to my other aunt's house for some dinner and swimming. 

Tutorial diaper motorcycle cake will be up later this week.

Sunday: I finally gave in to my craving and made blueberry pancakes. Got my nails done. Did some shopping at the mall. Went grocery shopping for our adventure this weekend. Than it was home and ready for bed! 

Now it's back to the grind of work and getting stuff done this week! 

Hope you have a wonderful Monday!


  1. What a great job you did on the motorcycle diaper cake. It's adorable!

  2. If you go on sbux’s website you can check out how many calories your drink is…then you can put it in mfp youself!

  3. that motorcycle diaper cake is super cute!! what a fun alternate to the diaper cake

  4. hi i love you. i miss you. kbye.

  5. I couldn't handle that mojito tea. It tasted like licorice to me... eww...

  6. 2 work days? What are you doing this weekend my love?!

    The Blackberry mojito withOUT the lemonade is only 120-130 calories, but it's more if you get it with. I sometimes get it with anyways because it's that damn good. If you want a caffeine boost, ask them to add black tea with it. It adds no calories. A barista did that for me last week and it was delicious.

    That picture of you in the black shirt is HOT!!! My BFF is GORGEOUS!