Friday Letters V. 1 2018

The simple things I have missed from blog land such as my Friday letters. So here I am bringing it back to ya.

Dear Blog, We have had an intense relationship over the years. A very much love hate type of thing but I am excited to see how our relationship will bloom this year. I am hoping to give you a big make over and really get back into you. I have missed you way more than you probably want to believe. 

Dear Workouts, We also have a love hate relationship but I am starting to have more of a love relationship with you. I am excited to continue my journey and watch it all come together. The come back is always worth it.     

Dear Hubby, I brought back the Friday Letters. You said you always love this post on the blog. I miss you lots and I can't wait for you to come back home and we can make up all the holidays and anniversary and birthdays you missed. 

Dear Work, You are extremely stressful. I am over you. I can't wait to start this new adventure this year. I told myself I would be brave and jump full heart and full force into it. Its going to be amazing and hopefully will be extremely successful. 

Dear Weekend, We have big plans to get things done on the to do list. Lets cross them off and get them done. I know come Sunday it will feel that much better. 

Dear Readers, Thank you for all the sweet comments and stopping by as always. You truly are appreciated.  


Need Help Eating Healthy? [Dashing Dish Review]

Since starting my journey of eating healthier and tracking macros again, I went back to some of my favorite sites including Dashing Dish Katie makes it super simple to be successful at eating healthy with so many wonderful additions to her site.  

Do you struggle with healthy eating? Dashing Dish offers memberships that take all the guess work out of it for you for the cost of a starbucks drink each month. Memberships are $7 a month or you can pay $70 yearly which saves some, who doesn't love to save some money. With all the information out there on how to eat healthy it can become very over whelming so it is totally worth the small price with so many benefits. This is one big reason I love Dashing Dish. The membership includes all the recipes on the site, a grocery list, and a calendar to plan your meals. Katie adds new recipes each week both for the membership and non membership. Added features to the memberships are the calendar and grocery list builder. I have been using both for the last few weeks and it is a time saver and a money saver. I am no longer buying extra stuff at the store as I walk in with the mind set of I have no idea what we are eating. Now I know exactly what we are going to eat. The calendar is color coded even to tell you what meals. There are so many positive things to say about the calendar and grocery list builder. A big positive note, Dashing Dish has their own app which is wonderful. The app is on my phone and my ipad. I use my ipad while in the kitchen making the food but I use my phone while out grocery shopping so I do not forget the things I need.The best part, everything links together. If you decide to build your calendar/grocery list on the computer, it will sync to your phone and ipad so you never have to guess what is on there. The grocery list allows you to check things off too as you buy them so you do not buy duplicates of things.  

As I mentioned before, I have been using Dashing Dish membership  for a few weeks now but before that I was using her recipes for years. Everything I have ever made has been delicious. It is full family approved. 

I even went and found this awesome chalk board to meal plan. It matches my calendar on Dashing Dish for the recipes. It totally has changed everything. With baseball season upon us, we need fast dinners and I love that you can sort the recipes based on crock pots, under 30 minutes, Dairy free, egg free and so much more.  


When I added this picture to my instagram, everyone was messaging me asking me for the recipe. I have been addicted to the Shamrock Protein Shake now for a few weeks. Yesterday I ran out of some ingredients so I will have to find a new shake to try for lunch today.  It is quick and easy to follow the directions.

For superbowl, I made the skinny bacon pecan cheeseball. Even my pickiest eaters in the family ate this dip up. We changed it that the crack dip because once you started to eat it, you just continued.   

There are so many things to love about Dashing Dish . The membership is worth every penny. The recipes and workouts are amazing. Katie even has a blog,and  she has written some wonderful books . Also, if you are on weight watchers, Dashing Dish counts the points for you.  If you are low no points too, you can sort the recipes by how many points you need. 

With all the wonderful things on the site though,the three things I would love to see improve: 

Instant pot recipes: I have an instant pot but I really have no idea how to truly use it. I feel like everyone is getting one and replacing their crock pot and it is becoming such a time saver. I would love to see recipes for this newest kitchen gadget. 

Less Ingredients: As someone who counts my macros, I tend to stay away from the recipes that have so many ingredients because I do build the recipe into my fitness pal and track it. 

Smaller Amounts: Right now I am only cooking for about one and half of us, sometimes I can add My dad. So when I make a recipes we end up with tons of left overs as many of them are casseroles. I would love to see recipes for one to two people. 

With all that said, I love Dashing Dish. I love seeing how far she has come from a few years ago and looking forward to see what else is to come.

Have you tried Dashing Dish? What were your favorite recipes?  

Disclose: I received the above item for review purposes. All opinions remain my own and weren’t influenced. My opinions may differ from others as well as those of the company. 


Cave Tools: Metal Meat Rakes [Review]

San Diego has had summer all year long this past year. With that beautiful 85 degree weather comes lots and lots of grilling or crock pot using so I do not have to heat up the house. One of our favorite things to make is shredded chicken because it can be used for so many different things, but the actual process of shredding the chicken is not fun. Insert these handy Metal Meat Rakes

My racks arrived quickly and were packaged great. Each claw is individually wrapped inside the box. The racks are extremely sharp as it should be to shred meat easily. Also, they are super easy to wash with any of your other dishes, including dishwasher safe. 

The claws can be used for so many other things than just shredding meats. It could double as a craving fork for you for any other kinds of food such as a watermelon or a large roast. You could use it to pick up food of any kinds. 

Also these would be the perfect edition to a BBQ theme valentines day box as it's almost that special day. Anybody could use them. 


Purchase your very own metal meat rakes off the CaveTools website and use code MEATCLAWS15 to save some extra money. We all know you could never have enough kitchen gadgets. 

Disclose: I received the above item for review purposes. All opinions remain my own and weren’t influenced. My opinions may differ from others as well as those of the company. 


Three Simple Tips

We are 35 days into the new year. Time sure is flying already. I have fallen off the wagon more than once already this year but I told myself quitting wasn't an option. Here are the three tips I use to get back on track even after a weekend like Superbowl or when I just make the choice to enjoy life. 

1. Water, Water and more Water -- The best way to get back on track after a day like Superbowl is just drink tons of water. Hopefully you didn't go all crazy all weekend but even if you did just drink your water to flush it all out. I aim to hit a gallon a day but definitely try for half of your body weight in ounces if you are not at a gallon just yet. 

Tell me your water goal each day? How do you keep track? 

2. Right back to your "diet" -   Even after a day of binge eating, the only thing you can do is just get right back on track no matter what that means to you. Do not turn your one "bad" day into a week or even a month. You enjoyed yourself and you still gotta live. Even though I have turned an enjoyable day into a month long battle, but I promise you'll feel much better if you just get right back up and into your routine again. Whatever your diet might be, just do it! I got up this morning and was right back to weighing and logging my food. I am feeling positive that today will go much better than yesterday. 

3. Don't Stress: Whatever you do, don't stress if you got up and jumped on the scale and was up a few pounds. I did it this morning too, and believe it or not it said I gained 5 pounds yesterday, yes 5 pounds in one day! That would mean I ate 17,500 more calories  than whatever my body already burned, I don't think that's possible without sending me into a food coma. I am not stressing over it but more just taking the next few days to readjust and get back into it all. Hopefully it will all fall off once I step back into the gym and right food choices. 

What are your best tips for getting back on track?


February Goals

Here we are Chapter 2 of 12 for 2018. The one thing I miss a lot about blogging was writing out my monthly goals. So here we are and back to what I love. Hopefully this will keep my accountable too for the month. 

February Monthly Goals

  • Blog two times a week: I am trying to get back into the swing of things, but lets be honest. I work from home, I don't do much other than workout, work and hang out at home so I think my life is pretty boring but I believe I can blog twice a week about what is happening. Also, my fitness updates. 
  • Daily Devotional: I bought 100 days to brave daily devotional at the end of last year. I started to read it, yet I keep pushing it off each day. I want to get back it and just take those 5 minutes every morning to read it. (I am currently on Day Nine-  lets see where I get to for the month) 
  •  Catch up on work: As I type this, I look around my desk and I am swimming in my work. If I am serious about taking on another job, I really need to focus on this one and get it under control. I must stop waiting till the last minute to do anything. Anyone else a huge procrastinator? 
  • Workout: Continue to workout for 30 minutes a day. Continue to hit my fitbit goals. Any other fitbitters out there wanna be friends and do the challenges? I love them. Finish the step bet strong and win my money back. 
  • Log my food: As you saw on my last post, I log my food. I want to be consistent this month and log my food each day for the entire month. 
  • Grow my instagram: I want to grow my instagram account. I know it's difficult because it is private (for very personal reason I have to leave it private) but that doesn't mean I can't grow it, it'll just take some extra love to do so. 
  • Clean out my closet: I have been saying this for months. I really need to clean out my closet, get rid of clothes/shoes/purses, use the new hangers I bought, and organize it all over again so I can find what I am looking for.  
My goals for the month aren't too crazy but they are goals to get my life back together again. I also want this month to be the month that I use my planner again. I go in spurts of using it than not using it, but I definitely need to get better with it. 

What are your goals for February? 


The Beginning To My Journey

I told myself I was going to use this space to document my weight loss journey because I always forget to update my facebook page . (I promise to get better with that too). Since I am taking leaps this year to be brave, I decided I should start with exactly what I wanted to do with this space, the big reason I decided to come back to my corner. I want to share my journey, the fun, the ugly and the all in between even if it just helps one person.  

Many of you know, if you follow me on instagram, if not we should be friends on there, that I go to the gym on average twice a week to meet with my coach to weight lift. I love it because I don't have to think about the workout, I dont have to do much thinking matter of fact besides making sure I have proper form and he controls the amount weight. Also, it's great to be around people who are on a fitness journey too. It's a non commercial gym which makes things 1000000% better. I have put on a decent amount of muscle in the last few years of going, so now it's time to show it off. 

Look at them hips. (insert biggest eye roll) 

In order to show off those muscles, I need to shed some of the fat. So I am going full force into IIFYM. I did it in 2016 when hubby was deployed before too and had great success. 

If you don't know about IIFYM - it stands for if it fits your macros. You weigh your food, log/track your food, and you eat within a certain amount of carbs, fat and protein.  The goal is to be within +/- 5 of your daily intake goals each day. The macros make up you calorie intake, so you focus on the macros and not the calories. Carbs and Protein are 4 calories/ gram and fat is 9 calories / gram. You could eat a 100 calorie snack and it could be 25g of carbs but if that is all you ate, you would be hungry ALL day long and eat a ton of carbs with no protein/fat. 

There is so much information out there to learn how to do it, the formula to determine your macros and so much more but it truly is the only "diet" that has worked for me and I have done ALOT of different diets. I have noticed I tend to eat lower carb naturally and I always over eat my protein goal even when I try not too.

I use the app My Fitness Pal and it seems to be the best one for me. I love that I can scan my food and it remembers foods I eat often. Which I tend to eat the same foods every day.  

Currently those are my goals. I will have to adjust them eventually. I have been eating at these numbers for about a solid week. I started January 1 but than my house had some serious issues that it totally derailed everything. So I had to refocus once it was all settled and was fixed. So I am actually going to count February 1 as my starting point with my weight and measurements. 

My goal is to lose about 10 pounds before end of March when hubby and I go visit my sister. I am putting that out into the world so it can hold me accountable. 

Why you weigh your food? This is the assorted macaroons from Trader Joes (which are delicious by the way) but the package says 3 macaroons (30g) per serving. I weigh it out, and actually 2 macaroons are 27g so no way that 3 = 30g. Therefore if you ate that 3rd macaroon it would be extra calories that you didn't count and eventually those extra calories start to equal extra pounds/ not losing weight to reach your goals. It's so important to weigh your food vs. eating off serving size   

I get it can be fore frustrating at first and time consuming but I promise you the more you do it the more it just becomes natural. You can build recipes, you can eat whatever you want basically as long as it fits, and sometimes it's even good to just have that "cheat" meal not day! 

So here we go, February 1! You can do it too!!! 

I will share a day of eating soon. 

Have you done IIFYM? 


I was Brave

Last time I really dedicated myself to get on track and lose some weight was summer of 2016. Husband was deployed and I was determined to get in shape for his homecoming. Well I lose about 15 pounds and met him in Hawaii. We had a great time & than life went back to normal and I gained that back. Since than, it's been a hell of a time to get back on track. I find myself once again with hubby deployed and wanting to get in shape for his homecoming. 

Inset this blog. I am going to use my little space to track my progress and ability to stay on track. I have horrible times on the weekends and even worse time trying to find lunch ideas but I am determine to do this. Also, you know that whole brave thing?  Well this is me being brave to share my journey.               


Hydroflask came out with the hawaii edition bottles and I knew I had to get one. I got the Moana color and my sister got the Pomaikai (yellow & hot pink). I finally got a straw lid for it too to use. Secret to my hydroflask, I never put anything else in my bottles besides water so they do not grow anything inside of them. I have seen some nasty in them. 

Friday I finally did some sprints/cardio for the first time in a long time. I even busted out my beats by dre purple headphones. One day I will use my bluetooth ones and see how I like them. I am currently in the step bet Challenge that Brandi is running. I love the step bets over the diet bets. I can hit my steps but not so much lose the 4% body weight. We are just about to start week 3 which means half way through the challenge. 

RIP little mouse, you picked the wrong house to enter. 

So I did a brave thing that I wouldn't of done normally. I am such a home body. I do not like going places and definitely don't like going places alone. So when this gem asked me to come watch her competition I knew this was the first step to being brave this year. 

I walked into this competition knowing my gym was there but no one else. There was tons of people in this place. The anxiety kicked in and I didn't know what to do. Luckily she found me and said hello but than she had to go back to warm ups. She crushed it on the platform and I know so many amazing things are still ahead for her journey. 

There you have it. My first update of the year. 
How are you following your year goals?