Friday Letters {V.12}

Dear Friday,
Thank you for showing up! I cant wait to enjoy this weekend!!! 

Dear Alex,
I love you. 

Dear Work,
You are killing me! I seriously never thought I would work 20+ hours at the preschool every week plus run my business at home. To say I am tired at the end of the day is an understatement. 

Dear Weight Loss,
We have a love hate relationship!  Please just love me so I can lose this weight!! It is a consistent battle 

Dear Readers,
Thank you for the continue support. Please say hi if you get a chance. Do you enjoy recipes? Should I keep posting some? What do you want more of? I know this is my daily journal but I would love to help you as well!! Hope you all have a GREAT weekend! 

Dear No Reply Bloggers,
Please fix it. I love receiving comments & being able to write back. Lately I have been getting you and it makes me sad that I can't write back. Stay tune, next week I will post a tutorial on how to fix this if you don't know how! 


  1. And it doesn't help that I convinced you to have lunch with me yesterday..sorry, that I'm not sorry weight loss :)

    ugh, no-reply bloggers are the worst! I made a freaking page for the tutorial, haha.

  2. Keep it up with your weight loss... I have the same issue but I am going to give it all I have and take it from there.