What I Have Learned in Six Months of Marriage

In light of what happened yesterday in Boston, my heart & prayers go out to them! My heart breaks for the little 8 year old boy that died waiting to watch daddy cross the finish line! May those families find strength to carry on! 

 I promised I would write this post about what I have learned the 1st 6 months of marriage, I am going to try to bust it out before I must start to pack as I leave in exactly two days from this very moment & NOTHING is packed & tomorrow I am at work. On a side note - I fixed my phone! My home button stopped working because my screen popped off & the top button would sometimes stop working so apple just gave me a new phone. 

What I have learned in the first 6 months of Marriage bliss

1. Communication - This is the biggest thing in a relationship. I have never truly believed it until we were married and now we count on each other for everything. Also, my OCD takes over so I must do things my way or else. 

2. Fights doesn't mean divorce -  I very rarely saw couples that I idolized fight growing up. {can't say my parents because they are divorced} Now that I know the stress of marriage is so much more and you fight over stupid things, it doesn't mean its the end of the world. Half the time it means I just haven't ate in awhile and or haven't had coffee for the day. 

3. Comprise: We are always working on this, well at least I am. As stated before, I am very much my way or no way. So much so, we HAVE to watch the ID channel when going to bed. I am just making sure I know how to properly take care of things if I must {just kidding}

4. Stop being a smart ass, Alex doesn't find this too funny some nights. Most nights if he is cranky because he does get up at 4am so I must watch what I say. 

5. It truly isn't all candy, cakes and lollipops. Not that I really like any of that besides the cake with some ice cream. Marriage truly is work. You can't just drive home to a quiet room because now you share that room with that said person and must fight it out or just go to sleep and forget about it. 

6. Can't complain about my weight if I keep doing the same thing, story of my life. I can bitch to hubby all the time that I am fat but I honestly haven't truly changed anything for a long period of time. He will love me, after all I have a contract signed by him to prove it! Not to mention, a beautiful ring. 

7. Pick my battles, This is a reoccurring reminder. I must pick them wisely because otherwise we would be always at each other's throats and nothing would ever get done. Yes we fight, yes we make up, yes we repeat the cycle. Sometimes its a couple hours, sometimes its a few months. Things happen, we are growing, we are learning more about each other every day. 

8. Kids are not our marriage, yes we love him. Yes we do things for him. If we do not do things for each other first, and take each other into consideration than he will suffer. It takes some time to remember this & to put it forward. Sometimes all it takes is a few nights out a month with just the two of you! plus, we want to teach him what true love is and what a true marriage is about so when he grows up he can find it too. 

9. Don't hold back. Honesty is the best trait in someone. I have said this my whole life. No matter how brutal is it or how much you think that person will get hurt by it. Trust me when I say, most people would rather hear the truth from the source than to hear it from someone else and it get all twisted and come across as something you truly didn't want it to sound like. 

10. Partner in crime, life is way better. Yes I am that girl that hates to go to the bathroom alone, yes I hate going shopping alone. So with that said, everything is just that much better with Alex. We have each other to lean on through the rough spots and each other to shine and experience the good stuff. It may get hard but at the end of the day we have each other! 

These might not exactly be the best 10 tips that I have learned from marriage & I might even bring you what I learned from honeymooning 6 months after marriage.

 I honestly probably could think of more tips and could leave some out but it is what we have for now. Just remember, each marriage is different. It truly is what you put into it! Don't compare your marriage to others because you never know what happens in their home. 

Happy Tuesday 


  1. I'm not married so I can't give tips like this..but I must say...these tips are great for any relationship...whether you are married or not. These are what make relationships work. :)

  2. These are sweet... My 6 months is coming up on the 27th and agree with all you said.

  3. Such sweet true words :) & happy 6 months!

  4. I LOVE, LOVE this post :) Thanks for sharing!!

    -Ashlee Michelle

  5. love this a lot.
    it's nice to see girls not posting about how marriage is sunshine and roses all the time.