Friday Letters {V.17}

Dear Readers,
Thank you for hanging out this week- I have been seriously so busy. I really don't know how you all do it all the time. I am over here going crazy. 

Dear Work,
Please do yourself. I am truly over you yet so much of you still to do. 

Dear Preschool,
As much as I love you kiddos - I am truly starting to feel overwhelmed working there & still doing medical billing. As much as I hate to say it, I hope I am let go come summer to catch a break & catch up on life. 

Dear Birthday/Anniversary cruise,
You are 6 months away & about 20 lbs to lose! LET'S DO THIS!! 

Dear WeightLoss,
Speaking of said cruise - I am starting ChaLEAN come May 6 - Anyone done this? Thoughts? I am hoping I truly get the results I am hoping for and find motivation. Anyone want to join in please let me know. 30 day challenge ! 

Dear Little Sister,
I can't wait for you to come visit. Make sure you bring your workout clothes, because 6 weeks of just eating isn't going to fly. We have to do something. 

Dear weekend,
Please go slowly. I gotta work, clean and catch up on my sleep. I can't wait to spend it with you. 

Dear Readers,
Do you like all American made clothes? Check out American Pretty Boutique. - I am giving away $25 next week until than use promo code WIFESTICATED10 for 10% off your entire purchase. I honestly love everything I have ordered. 

Dear Self,
Stop beating yourself up. You truly are just stressing yourself out for no reason because everyone around you is not stressed. Hang out - sit back & just let it all happen exactly how it's suppose too. You can't change the unknown. 

Dear Alex,
Hope you had a good 2 days back at work. Back at life as we know it. I love you. 


  1. TGIF... Let me know how the ChaLean goes for you.

  2. i don't even know what ChaLean is. HA. please tell me.