Friday Letters {V.15}

Dear Alex,
Happy 6 month Anniversary tomorrow. I love you. 

Dear Week,
You have been so draining on me. I am ready for saturday to sleep in. 

Dear packing,
I hate you. Please just pack yourself.

Dear honeymoon,
I am excited to spend 4 days away from reality & just relax. Please go hurry & get here but go by slowly! 

Dear toddlers,
As much as I love you all, I am ready to have my old job hours back.
4 days at home working instead of going into preschool. 
It really is starting to affect many other things.

Dear Cy,
I am so excited you will be spending 6 weeks in San Diego with me & for sure we have 2 concerts we are going too & a Padre's game. Next thing to plan is Disneyland & beach camping. 

Dear Beach Camping,
I pray that we still get a spot. I am so looking forward to you. 

Dear weight loss,
we shall meet again after said "honeymoon" before "one year anniversary cruise" 

Dear Readers,
Thank you you all your sweet comments this week. I hope to have more wedding updates on the blog next week. Along with what I have learned in the first 6 months of marriage & let me tell you, I have learned A LOT. 

Have a Great Weekend!
Have a drink & relax. 
You deserve it!


Whitney Levash said...

awe! Have a good weekend my dear

Purposely at Home said...

6 months already?? wow, time flies. :) i hope you're having a great weekend, jessica!


Sassy Brunette said...

hope you have a good weekend. i'm so jealous of you!!

Miss776 said...

Happy 6th Month Anniversary! Hope you have a great trip!

scrapperjen said...

Happy 6 months!!! Enjoy your trip - can't wait to hear all about it.

Ashlee said...


PS. The last photo "we ride at dawn" cracked me up! HA so good!

-Ashlee Michell

aweighwithme.com said...

Happy 6 months! :) And that photo is hilarious.

shannon said...

i NEED that cat.
and also i would like to stare at more pictures of your wedding so get on it girl!

Stephanie said...

Aw have a great time!!

Courtney said...

Packing is the WORST! So many decisions and I'm terrible at making decisions! Enjoy your weekend!