Friday Letters {V.15}

Dear Alex,
Happy 6 month Anniversary tomorrow. I love you. 

Dear Week,
You have been so draining on me. I am ready for saturday to sleep in. 

Dear packing,
I hate you. Please just pack yourself.

Dear honeymoon,
I am excited to spend 4 days away from reality & just relax. Please go hurry & get here but go by slowly! 

Dear toddlers,
As much as I love you all, I am ready to have my old job hours back.
4 days at home working instead of going into preschool. 
It really is starting to affect many other things.

Dear Cy,
I am so excited you will be spending 6 weeks in San Diego with me & for sure we have 2 concerts we are going too & a Padre's game. Next thing to plan is Disneyland & beach camping. 

Dear Beach Camping,
I pray that we still get a spot. I am so looking forward to you. 

Dear weight loss,
we shall meet again after said "honeymoon" before "one year anniversary cruise" 

Dear Readers,
Thank you you all your sweet comments this week. I hope to have more wedding updates on the blog next week. Along with what I have learned in the first 6 months of marriage & let me tell you, I have learned A LOT. 

Have a Great Weekend!
Have a drink & relax. 
You deserve it!


  1. awe! Have a good weekend my dear

  2. 6 months already?? wow, time flies. :) i hope you're having a great weekend, jessica!


  3. hope you have a good weekend. i'm so jealous of you!!

  4. Happy 6th Month Anniversary! Hope you have a great trip!

  5. Happy 6 months!!! Enjoy your trip - can't wait to hear all about it.

  6. 6 Months! YAY!!! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!

    PS. The last photo "we ride at dawn" cracked me up! HA so good!

    -Ashlee Michell

  7. Happy 6 months! :) And that photo is hilarious.

  8. i NEED that cat.
    and also i would like to stare at more pictures of your wedding so get on it girl!

  9. Packing is the WORST! So many decisions and I'm terrible at making decisions! Enjoy your weekend!