It's Ok ...

Thank the Lord today is Thursday & Tomorrow is Friday...
I am ready to do my to do list..
wait who am I kidding? I will probably only cross off one thing & that is to enjoy a nice cold beer! 
Today I am linking up with these lovely Ladies for ...

Its Ok Thursdays

It's Ok...

- That I have drank the last couple of nights. 

-That I am so far behind on work, I will get to it today 
[praying I do anyways] 

-That I am loving the hair cut even though its already growing & I can tell but now I am excited to low light my hair in June

-that my baby sister will be in San Diego for 6 weeks this summer

-that Kay & I went to the Duck's game last night & She's an Ave's fan & I am a Duck's fan yet we Love each other.

-That there is way too much drama on twitter about blog land

-that I lost a follower {obviously she truly wasn't following me for all the right reasons} because I am a #IRL friends with Kay

-She even blocked me on twitter & I didn't even get involved in the drama she caused. 
Talk about grow up

-Speaking of said drama, that drinking at Disneyland just makes it that much better.

-That one week from today at this very moment, I will be on a ship with drink in hand. 

-I can't wait to sleep in on Saturday 

-that I am running out of things to type & I am just so tired, I just want to sleep. 

- That this is how I feel today if you can't say anything nice 


  1. BAHAHAHA, I love you OH SO MUCH!

  2. I've lost a lot of followers recently...don't know why...don't really care. :) It is what it is :)

  3. That is a fabulous quote right there at the end.

  4. This is why you are my favorite. ha.

  5. we are going to have so much to do when i come visit. lots of day drinking, disney, sporting events, laying on couches. WOOP.

  6. #1 I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow either!
    #2 I just remember I purchased two bottles of wine last night while grocery shopping (I thought the labels were pretty -- don't judge!)
    #3 Let the weekend begin!!!

  7. I follow because I like you and your blog! It was a ton of drama though holy crap. I bet I know who blocked you, and if I'm right, I'm her friend and not a Kay fan (sorry!) but at least I'm honest? Hope it's ok that I like just you!