Weekend Update [V.17]

I can't believe it is the LAST Monday of the month
Where did April go? Oh ya that's right 
 it's with January, February & March! 
This year is just flying on by.. before we know it it'll be Christmas again..
Before we even start thinking about Christmas, I need to make it through summer & October. 

The last weekend of the month was fun & just what was needed minus I could of gone for a few more hours of sleep. No matter how hard I try to sleep in though - I just can't do it! 
Anyone else have this problem? 

Back to what my weekend looked like

This was very uneventful. Matter of fact, Alex & I were so tired from coming home Monday & back to work I went Tuesday , I was in bed by 9pm!! 

I did some work around the house than off to baseball we went for the first time in a few weeks. 

After baseball we headed down to the mall. I needed to exchange some clothes that was ripped. 
If you follow me on Insta - you know that I have the most amazing husband. 

I got this beautiful necklace just because. It is simply perfect.  Than it was off to my Aunt's house for dinner and home & bed. 

Work around the house. Sunday seems to be our day to prepare for the week. The weeks are so busy for us and sometimes we just forget the simple things. 

I did manage to make these yummy waffles though for breakfast before my chaLEAN starts after cinco de drinko! 

Overall, the weekend was great!

How was your weekend