Friday Letters [V.19}

Dear Friday,
I normally am so excited to see you but I am dreading today. I have to work FULL day at the preschool which is just a BAD start to my weekend, please HURRY UP

Dear Alex,
We are 147 days away from our next vacation! I can't wait. Ps. its military spouse appreciation day! Thanks for giving me my own day!! I love you. 

Dear workout
Today marks day #4 & I am loving it. ChaLEAN extreme is must different than Jillian but I love it just as much. I also am loving shakeology. I have way more energy & sleeping better!! Can't wait to see my progress in 30 days & share with the world. Anyone want to join please let me know! 

Dear work,
I officially starting to hate you. I really wish I had summer off like I was planning but it's not looking so great!! Hoping I can at least get sometime off when the little sister comes out. I want to enjoy my 6 weeks with her! 

Dear Cy,
You will be here in 26 days!! i can't wait!!! Be ready to have some fun!! 

Dear Military Spouses,
Thank you for your services as well. Today is military appreciation day & I know your spouse couldn't do it without your support! Have a great day!! 

Dear Readers,
Thank you for all the comments & support. Sorry for slacking on the Blog Everyday In May Challenge & the honeymoon post!! I promise to catch up as soon as this craziness ends for me!  I am starting to think though it never ends that we just adjust to the new life style!! 

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All the mama's out there

Happy Mother's Day! I hope you all have a great weekend, not just ONE day!! You deserve it ALL year long!!!