It's Okay Thursday

The best part of 4 day work weeks is that Thursday creeps up on us without us even realizing its Thursday & I honestly couldn't be more thankful for that! I say every week should be a 4 day work week! 

Last week as you might of read, it was Amber's last week of hosting It's okay but that doesn't mean I am giving it up just yet... 

So without further adou 

Sorry I had too.. I mean I thought she was the ONLY we had hope for...

It's Okay 

...that it is almost the weekend again 

...I am slowly writing more & more post ahead of time so I do not have to leave you without a post 

...I am writing up an awesome post about the nutrition life I have decided to take on. {I am loving it & want to encourage all of you to just DO IT!!!} 

...that this week really isn't that exciting besides tonight is 2nd to last night of teeball {Saturday is his last day}

...that teeball flew by,I feel like it was just February & we were starting 

...that this time NEXT week, my baby sister will be here for 6 weeks

...Next friday is Tim McGraw concert & it will be 3 years almost to the date Alex & I went on our first date 

...that I am not a HUGE fan of the bachelorette this season 
are you?

...that I am not missing shopping like I thought I would instead I am focusing on my fitness 

...that Monday I am starting my first 5 day challenge, want to join let me know! 

...I love The Voice > American Idol 

...that Today is Thursday

Happy Friday Eve! 


  1. Whooo hoooo! I can't wait for Tim! Hopefully we see you there :)

  2. I am not a huge fan either. Its the same over and over again. :(

  3. I've never really ever gotten into The Bachelor or Bachelorette. I think I watched a handful of episodes of the very first season.

  4. Enjoy Tim!
    These are great OKs!