Last Day of Pre-School

Last week I failed miserable at keeping up..
I guess when life starts to get too crazy for me, I stop blogging!! 

Just because I didn't blog doesn't mean I wasn't around though,The group giveaway went live over at Jasmine at Sassy Brunette 

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Why was it so crazy?
Last week consisted of lots of working and family coming to town on Thursday Morning. 

Friday was baby sister's 19th Birthday!!! 

Also, Friday was Eli's Preschool graduation
Do you follow me on instagram? You might of saw the pictures I posted throughout the weekend. 

Let the pictures begin... 

Grandpa Craig 

Grandma & Grandpa

Eli's partner in crime 

Our little family 

I have a kindergarten! It is so crazy to think how fast time flies when your having fun & how fast they grow up!! This is just the beginning of many more graduations to come. 

After graduation it was off to family dinner & we happen to buy a trampoline! 

Come back tomorrow to see how Saturday party went & the trampoline... 

Happy Tuesday 

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  1. SUCH cute pictures!! Congrats :) Beautiful little family!

  2. you have some beautiful healthy hair before and after :)