When I Learned I Do Not Like Wine

Did you notice I got a new button on the side ~~~> yup that's right! Thanks to Kay for making it!  What is that button for? I am officially a team beach body coach! I am here to answer ANY questions for you about any of the programs or even shakeology & to be YOUR coach for Free!!! All you have to do is make a free from my page :) I am currently on my first 30 day challenge & I love it! I seriously don't know how I ever lived without it! In 23 days, I have lost over 4 inches on my waist and 5 lbs + all my cravings! I can officially say I have not had fast food since I started this journey on May 13th!  I know this is just the beginning. If you follow me on insta you've been seeing the updated pictures! Enough of this, Once my 30 days is over in 5 days I promise to post about it! 

Back to Wednesday Post 

Remember when I went on that honeymoon cruise? I only posted about the first day boarding the boat,well that is about to change! 

Day 1 - Santa Barbara 
It was a beautiful day. We honestly couldn't of asked for a better weekend to go on a cruise. 

Alex honestly thought we would sleep in but little does he know I can no longer sleep past 9am. I believe I was up every morning on the cruise before 7. 

The good part of being awake that early is there is NO line for breakfast in the buffet. We made it a tradition to walk up there every morning and get our food and come back & enjoy it watching the sunrise on our balcony! 

Not the BEST picture of me. 
Yes that would be eggs Benedict my favorite thing besides biscuits and gravy! The cruise didn't offer that so I went for those instead! 
Why not start vacation with Mimosas

While eating breakfast, I happened to look over and saw The Condor 

 This is the boat my dad usually is a night captain for during fishing season. It was totally random to see him on our trip! He was our tender for Santa Barbara. 
 After breakfast it was time to get dressed & head into the town to do some wine tasting! 

We keep it classy & take mirror pictures! 

On the tender - Not the boat above, the Cruiseship tender 

Walking to the winery for tasting 

First Winery - Santa Barbara Winery 
This is where I learned, I am NOT a wine person! 

My dad, Roxanne, Alex, Me, My aunt Kathy & Uncle Mike 

Next Stop - The place across the stress from Santa Barbara Winery! 
SB was way better than this place but either way I was NOT a fan of any of it! 

After this place, we decided maybe one more just for fun before heading back to the ship for all you can eat & our alcohol package to drink up! 

This was the BEST place. Beer tasting
Give me beer & I am a happy camper 

 That blueberry is so good! I want a whole case of it! 

 When the guy told us there is beer tasting instead of wine since wine starts to all start tasting the same no matter how many different places you go! I made Alex drink all the wine though. 

All of us & our beer

After beer tasting, we headed back to the boat for lunch & drinks! 

On the Condor for tendering. 

Our cruise ship

Back on the boat, 
My drink getting ready to hit the pool! Captain Mai Tai! Instead of regular rum, they use captain Morgan  It is so good!! This is why I gained weight minus all the food I ate! 

We laid out by the pool, enjoyed some drinks and ate a lot of french fries. I kid you not they were the BEST french fries ever! 

That night was formal night! I finally wore a dress I have owned for over 3 years & still had tags on it.

Confession of a shopaholic - Most of my clothes I took on the cruise had tags

Just to show you how FAT I was..
 I am now in the process of changing this! 

Geesh looking at those pictures, I look pregnant, I promise I am not, I am just fat!

Santa Barbara was fun. We might even make a weekend trip up there soon, my only thing is I BETTER  keep losing  weight before that! 

Until next time Santa Barbara - Stay classy! 

Next stop: Catalina 


  1. LOVE the wine tasting outfit! I'm kind of on the same page with wine. The girls love their wine nights so for those I bring a moscato or sweet red wine. I can't handle the other bitter ones!

  2. I love what you wore for wine tasting, you looked gorgeous :)

    However, it's is outside of my realm of understanding how anyone can not like wine ;)

  3. All your clothes are fantastic and you look AMAZING!!! I love the purple dress.
    Glad you had a mai tai. MMMMMMM!!!!

  4. Ok seriously looks like you had a lot of fun. I think you two taking pics in the mirror remind me of Logan & I. Lol if you haven't noticed we like to do that. Lol

    Btw no disrespect but Alex is a cutie. :) good catch girl. Your son looks like him a lot.

    loved the purple dress and you look GORGEOUS!