Two Lanes Of Freedom [V.23]

This weekend just showed how fast summer is going to go by
How summer will be

I worked during the day Friday,  once I was off we headed to my aunts to get ready for Tim McGraw 
His concert was alright, I am so excited concert season is here though! 

Let pictures speak for themselves. 

Why yes that would be Kay ! We are real friends!! 

Can you tell I've been working out for 25+ days? 

I was on my own program! 

The first weekend my sister is in town! 

We headed to my aunts to pick up the little one just to stay the night.
It was round 2 of drinking & having fun! 

We hung out at home & got ready for this week. 
Friday is sister's 19th birthday & Eli's graduation & Saturday is another family BBQ 

Here's to the beginning of one amazing summer

How was your weekend


  1. So glad concert season is here too! We saw him the first weekend in June I love him, Love and theft and especially Brantley Gilbert. I think Brantley owns my heart!

  2. i get you on the "alright" mood of the concert. i felt the same way too. it was because i didn't know any songs! p.s. i figured out why we never meet up during tailgate...looks like you guys go into the arena right at 7:00...yes? we tailgate until about 7:30/7:45-ish before we head in. i meant to text you to find you too, but when i looked in my phone for your #, I COULDN'T FIND IT! and i'm pretty sure i got it from you before...oh well, lol! For real, next time, or at least once this season, let's all tailgate together.

  3. p.s. you are looking HOT! keep up the good work lady!

  4. I wanted to see BG and Tim, but tickets were sold out! Yay for sister time :D :D

  5. Great pictures - looks like fun! BTW - you're looking fantastic!

    My weekend was nowhere near as fun as yours...