February Goals

Who used January as a warm up/trial month? January just slipped away from me and honestly I wouldn't even know what my goals were if I didn't write them down here. Looking back at them, just WOW!

Looking back at January Goals: All of my goals were a fail besides Monthly meal planning and starting the 24 day cleanse. 

Planning for February: This is a month of lots of changes happening for me

February Goals

  • Make sure to put Christmas Decor away: I have it all boxed up but just haven't actually put the boxes away. I know it's so simple just haven't done it. 

  • Continue meal planning: I am loving the fact of meal planning and not having to guess what's for dinner. 

  • Write two blog post a week: I am going to try to write twice a week, if I write more great but I am shooting for twice and I already have some great ideas in mind. (my HSN and my 24 day challenge experience) 

  • Spend as much time with the hubby as possible: Work is taking him again so it's important we spend time together and making those memories. 
I am keeping February short and simple this month to hopefully get back into the grove and actually remember my goals. Let's do this! 

What are your February Goals?


Shann Soiney said...

Great goals! I put meal planning on my list this month. I really need to do it. I've actually got my goals up on my blog today too.

Ashley said...

January was a sucky month for me! I think I maybe accomplished one of my goals! Good luck in Feb!

Angela Tolsma said...

So how do you meal plan?? I am struggling with that! I just never know what I'm craving and planning it always misses my cravings! Good luck with your goals this month! I hope you get to spend lots of time with your husband!!
If your interested I host a monthly goal link up on my blog.

Daria Vinning said...

January flew by, so I agree we will call that a trial month! Many things happened in January so I'm kinda glad it's over! February is a fresh new beginning! Great goals and they inspire me to incorporate some other things within reason for this month! Thanks for sharing!

Laura Darling said...

Meal planning definitely makes life easier! I am trying to stick to that this month too! Happy February! :)

Sarah Ricker: Sarah Emily Blogs said...

I really wish I was better at meal planning! Well, I can plan just fine it is more the following through that I tend to fail at. If we are out and about and its getting close to dinner time, we are notorious for just stopping on the way home. I like to try to keep my goals pretty short and simple as well; I feel like it gives me a better shot at completing them!