Saddest Post Ever - R.I.P Bandito

Happy President's Day!
I hope you get the day off & enjoy it

I am just popping in to say Thank you for the sweet comments about my dog on here  but with the saddest of hearts, I had to put him down Saturday night right in the middle of making Valentine's Day dinner. It sucked, it's hard, and I miss him more! 

He was a fighter. He had cancer back in May and we had it removed to confirm it was truly cancer. The vet told me it would come back because it had spread throughout and she couldn't get it all. It was just a matter of when. I told myself, if he lives until October than it was all worth it. I was actually nervous leaving him for a week because normally he wouldn't eat or anything. He survived. We had fun. He went on lots of car rides, lots of treats and lots of love. 

Sadly, his cancer came back. He was all bruised from it, he wouldn't lay down anymore, he stopped eating and barking and I was feeling horrible for keeping him alive because I wanted him. 

He crossed the Rainbow bridge Saturday night & I know he's up there with my cat Tiger and other dog we put down in 2007, Bj. Give lots of love to them Bandito, I am sure going to miss you lots! 


12/2002 - 02/13/2016


  1. When I saw this on your instagram this morning my heart just broke. Putting down Pups is the worst. Dev and I still, 2 years later, kick ourselves for the day we put Apollo down. We needed to put him down, he was sick but I won't be able to do it again. Ever. We stayed in the room with him until the very last minute and I won't ever do that again! It still haunts me.

    I hope your pups are playing together across the rainbow bridge...running around, chasing kitties, and eating all the cookies they can!

    -Ashlee Michelle

  2. I'm so sorry. These beautiful souls come to us for such a short period and it kills me to have to say goodbye. They're wonderful creatures that teach us nothing but unconditional, pure love.

    Much love and strength to you, but know that he is surrounded by his fur friends.

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  4. I am so sorry to hear about this. What a difficult time to have to do it also. We recently had to put our pup down - and it is a terrible thing to go through. I was also selfish and wanted to keep her alive longer than she probably should have had to. It's so hard to say goodbye to such unconditionally loving animals that did nothing more than love us. My heart goes out to you - xox

  5. Oh no, how devastating. I'm so sorry! Hugs to you!