Friday Letters V.3

Dear Hubby, I know you look forward to these letters every Friday. Let me just say, I am so frickin' proud of you for passing this class. Well the test you passed yesterday, now everything is uphill from here. I love you lots! 

Dear Work, You're killing me this week! I have been doing some crazy hours and I work from home, WTF! I am going to get my sh!t together and get on you but I have a very busy weekend! 

Dear Weekend, I am excited for you. Hubby and I are actually leaving the house for more than just grocery shopping. Make sure to follow along on instagram and I'll be sure to post.  

Dear Blog, I put it on my TO DO list for March to revamp you and fully get back into you. The hubby will be gone and I will have lots of time to devote to you that  you deserve. So if all you lovely readers can hang out until than I promise I will return. I am even trying to make a editorial calendar. 

Dear Readers, Thank you for the sweet comments on the last blog post. It truly makes me happy. The no-reply bloggers though make me sad because I can't respond. Also, my review of HSN is coming and my 24 day challenge review is coming!  

Dear Cruise, You are so close! I am excited to see my Sister & Mom. It'll be very interesting!! 

That's all I have for ya'll today! 

Happy Friday & Be Safe This weekend! 

Let's go Panthers  


  1. It's been a long week over here too. I stay home with the kids, but work on my blog, and teach dance part-time, so I feel like I need a break soon. Can't wait to see where you go this weekend!

  2. Sounds like your week was a roller coaster! Love your little letters to each part of your life. I bet you cant wait for your cruise!

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