Weekend Recap V.4

We meet again new week. 

A very busy week at that for me. It's end of the month which means, closing the month out. In English terms, I won't have a life again until next Monday when the end of the month report is finished. Anyone else experience this at any point in the month? 

The weekend was a great weekend spent at home. I literally haven't moved my car since I parked it Friday night. 

Friday: I was up early to finally match my eyebrows. I hate when I get to the point of them growing out so bad that they don't match. Luckily European wax center saved me again. If you've never been to one, I highly suggest it.   

I also found out my top has pockets, what a great Friday! 

Top & Jeans from Ollie Marie 

Later that afternoon a friend of mine invited me to workout with her at Planet Fitness. I was a kid in a candy store to get a second leg day this week.

I was a bit disappointed though when she told me she didn't want lean muscle, that she was more focused on the scale moving. That scale is EVIL! Gimme all the muscles vs scale moving! She also mentioned how all she wanted to do was ab workouts. I tried to explain to her that abs are truly made in the kitchen and almost every movement we did engaged her core. I was also not offered pizza or bagels but there was tootsie rolls on the counter. Planet fitness had way more cardio machines than weights and no squat racks, let's just say I will not be getting a membership to here. Otherwise, I was impressed with how clean it was though. Friday afternoon wasn't too crowded either which I liked. It's truly not a bad gym just not my gym

Friday night hubby and I went to chick Fil A for dinner and grocery shopping. 

Saturday: I worked all day. You know the joys of working from home, you get to design your own schedule and or when you have lots to do you do it on weekends. 

The boys dug up the yard to prepare for rain. 

I did mange to write up Friday Letters & wrote my book review if anyone is interested in having it. I will mail it to you for free. 

Sunday: I was up early and got a quick little arm workout in. I also finally opened up my beats. Why didn't I open them sooner? They are amazing! 

I struggle with writing my own workout plans but one day I will get it. I also need to invest in a 35 pound dumbbell sooner than later. 

After my workout it was protein pancakes for the win. 

417 calories // 39 carbs // 8 fat// 47 protein

Than it was typical sunday stuff of laundry, cleaning and watching football. 

Hope ya'll had a great weekend & even better start to the new week! 


  1. SO those protein pancakes look amazing!! LOL

    What a great weekend -- I too am in the start of closing out the month and thinking "I have to much to do in the next 7 days" HA.

    Have a Great Week!

    -Ashlee Michelle

  2. I just recently moved to Washington, D.C. and the closest Chick-Fil-A is a 30 minutes drive! It's absolutely devastating and sometimes when I'm craving it enough I'll still drive there :)

  3. I love eating protein pancakes for breakfast. They taste so good and are guilt free. I sometimes also get on a cardio kick and forget the importance of weight lifting. Thanks for reminding me what's truly important at the gym.

  4. Sounds like an awesome weekend! I've heard great things about Planet Fitness.

  5. What a great weekend you had!! Looks like your are doing an awesome job on the gym! keep on girl!

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