Friday Letters On Saturday V.2

Dear Friday Letters, Life got crazy yesterday so I am doing you on Saturday this week. It's always better late than never right? 

Dear Work, Why do I have SO much of you? I am working all day today too to try to catch up before end of the month next week. WHAT IT'S ALREADY END OF JANUARY?? 

Dear Hubby, The countdown is on and it makes me sad but I know we'll survive, won't we? I love you lots even though you like to be all chipper in the morning and try to bug. I suppose that is why I married you, or maybe it wasn't - either way, we're here! 

Dear Workout, I get so excited. I really want to be able to do it more often but I know life happens and it sucks but hey one day I will get better with time management and not having a life that is a mess. #refusetogrowup 

Dear Friend's wedding, You are a NIGHTMARE! I can't believe everything that I must do for you and the amount of money that is being spent for this. Really I rather go on vacation but hey, at least it'll be fun right?   

Dear Food, This week we've been friends and I am so excited we finally made a good relationship. I have been pretty good at sticking to my food and not getting too crazy. 

Dear Google Chrome, I am not sure what I did to you or what in the world happened but you have not been the same since. Please fix yourself because it is really annoying. I am ready to get a new computer too but I don't want to lose all my stuff on this computer! #firstworldproblems 

Dear Instagram, I am loving how much you have grown lately. I am trying really hard to grow you and I couldn't be more thankful for it. Please follow along in the journey of life on there. 

Dear Weekend, Let's do this! 

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