Weekend Recap V.3

Happy Monday again Ya'll! Whose lucky enough to have the day off? I am not one of those lucky few but it's ok, it gets me back into my weekly routine. 

Weekend was fun. It was relaxing and got somethings done around the house. 

Friday: Hubby was off work and Cali thought it was ok to throw her toy on the ground and stare at it for me to pick it up.  

 My sister sent me a box of goodies. She got me this great cup! 

While I was working (I work from home 3 days a week) Hubby played in the yard digging things up and getting ready for El Nino since the last storm we got almost flooded our house. 

Friday night consisted of Steak Fajitas and an early bedtime. 

Saturday we were up early. Hubby was back in the yard to play (tree trimming and more digging) and I had a schedule massage. After the massage, I went grocery shopping for the week. (I fail & forgot to take a picture of all the yummy foods -but follow along on instagram as I post my recipes)

Saturday night was date night. We went out to Sushi (yes I tracked it in MFP) & manged to get Cold Stone. We went to the mall after and I finally scored the free pants if you buy a sport bra from Victoria Secret. We also got hubby finger fitted to order him a silicone ring.   

Once we were home, I was determine to start watching Making a Murder on Netflix. So we literally Netflix and chilled. We watched 3 out of 10 episodes. So far it's been very interesting. (yes this is our ghetto setup to get the netflix on the tv) 

Sunday was a busy day. I had to do laundry, clean and get ready for my week.  

I made my first batch of real #skinnymeg protein pancakes and they were delicious. Now I understand why she eats them so often. 

For lunch, I managed to make a zucchini crest pizza. It was delicious too. 

We watched the Panthers barely win the game. Hubby was stressing out over it as he is from NC so we are rooting for Cam and the panthers. 

How was your weekend? You do anything fun for the holiday? 


  1. What a fun weekend. We had a pretty simple weekend but I enjoyed it. It gave us time to relax.

    Saturday was just a lazy day around the house before we had to go to my husbands company dinner - which was nice because it was in Coronado and we have a bay view of downtown AND the coronado bridge. I love how it looks lit up at night.

    Sunday was a busy day too - it's always my cleaning day. I did so much laundry and house chores. But it was nice waking up this morning to a clean house!!

    Hope work treats you kindly today and the rest of the week!

    -Ashlee Michelle

  2. Our weekend consisted in going to the mall sat and staying in on Sunday.. Sounds like you had a fun weekend, I haven't had coldstone ice cream in the longest time!

  3. Live the updates and photos. I love Cold Stone so much. That show on Netflix is crazy!!

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