Hey 2016 Weekend Recap V. 1

Hey 2016! What a whirlwind this past week has been, let alone the last few months. I know I let you go but I am back. I said in my previous post I am hoping to blog more this year, and this is a great start.

Get ready for picture overload of the last few months. 

our ornament & got one for the animals this year

Every year since the year we got married (2012) I have gotten personalized ornaments. I am hoping by the time we are 50 and have grand kids we will have a tree full of just our ornaments.  

cute & comfy always calls for a picture 

Cali always wants to make an appearance 

Finally got my haircut & colored since my amazing hair lady is out on maternity leave now for 6-8weeks. Ready to meet her baby though. 


Hubby got some time off work for the holidays, so of course you found us at the gym together. 

Christmas was good. Sister made me this awesome mug for me. Don't worry I already put an order in for a few more. She is also taking orders if you want your own. 

I got these adorable bracelets in my stocking. 

We manged to figure out how to use the selfie stick this year. 

The new years was spent at home and in bed by 10:30. I know we're super lame but hey at least we're lame together! 

I got this awesome new planner & so far this is my favorite planner I have ever had. I have had the simplified planner, the Erin Condren planner for a few years, the typical target ones, but this is my favorite. 

I just need some fitness stickers and should be good to go with it. I am hoping to use it for the blog and personal life. 

On New Years Eve, Hubby and I went shopping to get some last minute stuff and I scored these awesome new nikes. I love the colors and can't wait to break them in for the new year. Getting serious about my fitness is on the top of my list.  

Hubby went off to the desert New Years day, and I secretly enjoyed staying home and putting Christmas away. I can't believe I have 5 bins of Christmas. 

Saturday they returned home and we continued our tradition of going to Benihana for dinner on New Years. 

Lastly, I am starting my new years off right. I am wanting to grow this year, grow my hair is a big one! I took the plunge and order it, I am giving it 3 months to see how it works. Tonight is day 1. 

How was your holidays? Are you ready to get back to life or are you still on vacation from the Holidays?  


  1. Great pictures! That coffee t-shirt is too cute!

  2. I love your tree ornament idea! and that mug is awesome!

  3. I am doing the Hair Skin & Nails pills too! I have been trying to take at least 1 pill a day but sometimes forget but I am about a month in- about 3/4 of my bottle was gone and I didn't see much difference in length but my hair has definitely gotten thicker!

  4. OBSESSED with those nikes... and that mug is hilarious haha

  5. I cant wait to see what happens with your hair and nails pills. Because seriously I want to try them! :)

    I am going to look at your planner too because I want a good one for 2016 and I cant seem to find one! I want to try Erin Condran but they are pretty expensive it looks like.

    PS. I mentioned you in todays blog ;)
    AND I got your comment on my post from yesterday, so thank you! :)

  6. Love the photos! Those ornaments are adorable by the way! Looks like you had a wonderful holiday season!

  7. My boyfriend and I both do the ornament thing as well with his mom each year. Though this year she forgot about it. We still gave her one though. I think it's great to have an ornament for each year to remind you of the holidays from the past. I love anything cute and comfy. That is the story of my life for winter time. Leggings are a must! Your dog is so adorable. She is like hi, I'm here, don't forget about me! I love that mug!!! Fits me perfectly. I also am looking to get my fitness goals in check this year. I will be starting Cross fit. Let's hope I don't die over doing it. Can't wait to see what 2016 has to bring you and your blog!

  8. You guys are so cute! Benihana sounds like a good tradition to me ;)