Weekend Rambling

Why do weekends go so fast?
I swear every weekend I have all these things in mind to do than bam weekend is over & nothing got done. 
This weekend was no different.
I had all these hopes & dreams than BAM
we left for the first trip to the desert. 
As usual, I forgot to take pictures besides the one I posted on insta 

Let's just say, I love the desert.
It is my favorite time of year. Football, beer & desert! 

I finally was able to go to the bar my family went to when I was a child & got this awesome beer condom.
Breast cancer pink for October

Now I am suffering the problems of being gone all weekend, lots of work & homework to do. 

Today marks a new beginning. I am going back on my workout train to lose 30 pounds
I need to get my eating on track & get my workouts together. 
I am thinking of joining the gym that is about 30 mins away from home but hopefully that would motivate me to go. 
My good friend said she'd come along too with me so motivation?

My weight Loss Journey

Quitting is not an option. 
I am going to do this for ME! 
I am going to stop putting everything else in front of me and focus on me getting healthy and happy again. 

What are you doing for yourself today?

Happy Monday
Sami's Shenanigans

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  1. desert was probably a much needed trip after working so hard. but having to come back to tons of work sucks. that's the thing with getaways. i went to orange county/los angeles for the weekend without doing any school work so now i'm paying for it. blah. the gym being so far away suckssss. that was my problem with signing up and living in vc. you're in the meadows right? is shain fitness in vc road any closer?