Finally My Nutrition Plan For The Week

As promised, I am writing a post finally about the foods I have been eating since I have come home from my cruise. As of this morning, I am ONE pound away from my pre-cruise weight. That means in almost two weeks I have lost over 6 pounds, One frickin' pound, I will get there and more! I want to lose another 10 pounds before my trip to Mexico next month. 

A food scale is very important to me and anything that says grams (g) means I have weighed it out. I also track all my foods using my fitness pal
First thing in the morning, I wake up about 4:30-5:00am depending how many times I hit the snooze button which depends on how well I planned the night before.

5:10 am: I reach for this handful of goodness and a big glass of water about 10-14 ounces. 

- 1 digestive Probiotic
- 1 Sam-E 
- 1 Oregano (which I will stop taking here in a few days - you don't want your body use to taking this)  
- 1 Vitamin D3 5000IU 
- 1 Fish Oil (it's actually my husbands but I am tired of the bottle so I am trying to use them up) 
- 1 Potassium (I am sick of getting horrible calf cramps in the middle of the night that are making me cry) 
- 1 Vitamin B-12

Than I wonder into the kitchen to make breakfast and if it's a work day (I work at a preschool two days a week), I pack up my lunch. 

5:20ish: While my eggs are cooking, I take the shot below. I always use a straw and typically drink it right out the measuring cup.  


5:30ish: Than I eat my breakfast which is 2 whole eggs, 2 egg whites, 3 pieces of Canadian bacon and a slice of Swiss light cheese. I forgot to picture my cup of coffee typically with 1 tablespoon of sugar free creamer in my travel mug on work days or my cup on days I work at home. 

9:30ish: 1 jalapeno string cheese and 1 oz (already in bags weighed out from the time I bought the container)  of smoke house almonds

11:30ish: 1 hard boil egg and 2 slices of Costco brand roasted turkey breast rolled up with 31g of cream cheese. 

1:30ish: Turkey hamburg with mustard, sometimes I add avocado here or to breakfast, sometimes I skip it all together. 

Wednesday and Fridays I workout at a private gym at 3pm. So about 4:15ish depending when I peel myself off the gym floor is protein shake #1 (which is either Mint Chocolate chip or confetti cake flavor) mixed with water on gym days and almond milk on non-gym days 

5:30ish is dinner. This week is 5oz of chicken breast that I cooked on Sunday all meal prepped with 133g of veggies cooked from Sunday. I load it with Franks Buffalo sauce and sometimes a small scoop of sour cream. 

It's true, you can add franks to anything! 

Not pictured: 7:00pmish is another protein shake usually it's the cinnamon swirl flavor to help my night sweet cravings. 

If you noticed I am not eating too many carbs. It is actually 30g or less of carbs a day. Some days I do sneak a little dark chocolate cookie butter cup or a Justin's Peanut butter cup but that only puts me at about 33g of carbs a day. 

My trainer has given me my macros that I am trying to stick to which is hard for someone who isn't use to eating 1600 calories a day but I am doing it and it is working! Food is my friend, I just have to eat the right foods.

I drink about 100oz of water a day. My bottle holds about 40oz and I fill it anywhere between 2-4 times a day. 

I try to hit the bed around 8:30-9pmish. 

Do you eat the same thing every day during the week?

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  1. Oh wow, you go girl! Can I get some of that motivation/determination?