Weekend Shindig

Happy Monday ya'll
I know you are wondering why I am so giddy this morning. Honestly it's because it is Monday. Mondays mean a new week, a fresh start and something to look forward to. 

This week I am focusing on my diet as I leave on another vacation in 23 days. Diet must be on point for the next 23 days.. Let's pray I can do this. 

Anyways this weekend was amazing spent at home. I love weekends at home. Friday I spent the day working while this little lady spent the day lounging around the house with me. She lives such a rough life right? 

Saturday we spent the day cleaning and watching lame hallmark Christmas movies. I resisted decorating for Christmas but that might change this weekend as Costco already has their Christmas trees which means we can get one NOW! I got suckered into like 5 back to back and ended up staying up until 11pm watching them. If you know me, that is extremely late. I love my sleep. I did manage to make home made mexican style rice and carna asada lettuce wraps. 

I also managed to meal prep for the week. 5 dinners all ready to go just head and add some franks buffalo sauce to eat. 

Sunday we spent the day running around. We went to the mall and costco. We also got our nails done finally. I finally feel put back together, I am a whole new woman.  Than it was home to clean up and get ready for the week. It's crazy how fast weekends go by.

How was your weekend?


  1. Okay, first of all: HOLY HUGE ROCK ON YOUR FINGER!!! Good Lord that thing is blinding me!!!!
    Two--- How are you able to vacation so much? Pretty sure I need your job! ;)
    Three-- your nails are perfection. Loooove that color!!
    4- good work on meal prepping for the week! You're a rockstar.

    Happy Monday!!!

  2. PS- I nominated you for a blog post. Check it out here:


  3. I agree with Katelynn that rock is blinding but oh so beautiful girl!
    Also those lettuce wraps look mighty tasty!! Happy you had a good weekend :)

  4. I love lettuce wraps! And way to go for meal prepping! You got this girl!