Friday Letters {V.4}

I just LOVE e-cards. This one is so classic because I always say I am so cold I could cut diamonds. {Sorry if this is offensive to anyone}

Dear Friday,
Why do I feel like you come so slow yet your weekends go so fast? Please slow down a bit so we can enjoy this cooler weather we are going to experience in San Diego. 

Dear Alex,
Hope your shoulder gets better soon. Maybe some Indiana Jones this weekend will be the perfect therapy for you. Also, hang in there for school. You've been doing so well,so this class is no different. I love you!! 

ps. please give me some hints for your birthday and V-day gifts! 

Dear Grandpa,
I couldn't of been more excited to hear that everything went well and you will be out in 5 days depending how your recovery goes. I am praying it is much smoother than that though. Hang in there!! 

Dear weight loss,
we meet yet once again! I promise to achieve you this time around. I am 83 days away from our Honeymoon cruise & about 20 lbs off therefore I need to get in shape. Operation get skinny is in progress!!! 30 day shred here I come. 

Dear Preschool kids,
Please be good. Yesterday some of you drove me up the wall because you would look at me like I was speaking a foreign language, if this is how we will be it is going to be a long three months! 

Dear Readers,
Thank you so much for the prayers from yesterday's post ! I honestly think they were answered with how well surgery went and how fast. Please keep the prayers coming as the power of prayer is amazing!!! You are all the most amazing people! 

Have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. Lmfao I am in love with that ecard. Hilarious. I am so happy to hear your grandpa did well yesterday. Hope you have an amazing weekend hun <3

  2. LOL at the ecard. Reminds me of Mean Girls when the blonde duh uh one says "My boobies can tell when it's raining outside" lol

    I agree... why do fridays just zip past us as fast as lightening?!?! wahhhhhhh

  3. Can I just do a read-by-drive-by and say how I love the profanity and reality in your e-card?! High five, and if anyone is offended they shouldn't be reading. Rock it woman!

  4. Glad to hear Grandpa is ok. TGIF!!!!

  5. Oh, love I am SO glad to hear that your grandpa is okay! The power of prayer is amazing and I'm so glad tht the surgery went well!

    Weight loss & I are meeting again too- it seems like it's all to frequent ;)

    Oh, and you ecard freaking HILARIOUS. And true- wait TMI?! Haha :)

    Have a fantastic weekend, girl!