Where all my Fashionistas at?

This post isn't just for those fashionistas though, this is for EVERYONE  it can be anything truly even your tutu you wore for Halloween...
 {let's be real you wear it on a daily - I would if I owned one & the hubby would probably look at me funny when he walks in & Eli would really be asking questions about his mama} 

This is Fashion Favorites Post 
Back to the post.. 
I decided to take pictures of something I wore a few days ago while I was out running errands... Nothing great nothing special just a typical day for me. 

A few notes though you MUST know before viewing pictures.
Oh deadly pictures.. 
1. I gained 10 pounds in the two weeks my sister was out here and they are the hardest 10 pounds to lose now that she is gone {ie. I don't fit into my jeans anymore - I will shortly though - this is the heaviest I have EVER been in my life} 

2. My best friend is shift manager at a BEBE which is why I own a lot of Bebe clothes. {She shops for me!! What girl wouldn't love that?} 

3. I have been working on my girly side a bit more since Alex thinks I am so not girly.. {which I just might not be that girly but I am girly to a point I would say! } 

Onto those deadly deadly pictures... 

Don't mind the dirty mirror - I know what I am doing this weekend! 

What do you think of it ??
Good running errands outfit? 

So What is your favorite Fashion ??

Shades of Gray and a Pinch of Pink


  1. You're adorable..

    I have been getting more girly girl for the past couple months because I feel like I'm not girly enough. I love dressing up, doing my hair, and my makeup - enough if I am just hanging around the house for the day cleaning or whatever - Atleast I look good at the end of the day when Dev comes home from work.

    It's good to dress up and be girly - It helps with our confidence! :)

  2. Adorable - I love that shade of purple!

  3. Luv the top & I am a "Tiffany's" girl!

  4. Girl, you look fab. Super cute outfit!!!! Those jeans look hot and comfy. :) And a quite girly outfit, I would say!!!! Props! Fun post :)